Thanks to the quick Boarding gates in Frankfurt and Munich you can enjoy a relaxed Boarding and save time.

Priority boarding now available on all European flights

To enable passengers with a Business Class or Economy Flex* ticket, as well as HON Circle Members, Senators and Star Gold card holders to enjoy an even more relaxed boarding, priority boarding is available to them on all European flights. Priority boarding enables them to board before all other passengers, which means that they can calmly stow their carry-on baggage**. An announcement will inform passengers of the new service before they board.

The aim of this service is to make travelling with Lufthansa as comfortable as possible for our passengers and to eliminate queuing times when boarding.

Quick Boarding

When you are travelling with etix® - Lufthansa’s electronic ticket - and have received a boarding pass with a barcode, you have the option of boarding your aircraft quickly and conveniently with this boarding pass. Just use our Quick Boarding machines at selected gates at Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hanover, Hamburg and Bremen!

How 'Quick Boarding' works
Place your boarding pass, with the barcode face down, onto the scanner. After a short verification, the gate will be released. If your seat has changed at short notice, the Quick-Boarding-Gate will print out a new coupon with the latest details, which you can pick up as you pass through.

On-screen display of the waiting list directly at departure gate

Are you on the waiting list for a flight? At Frankfurt, Munich and at selected departure gates at Hamburg and Hanover airports you can check your waiting list status on monitors. This way you neither have to check it at the counter nor wait for the loud speaker announcements.

As soon as a seat number appears beside your abbreviated name on the monitor you proceed directly to the Quick Boarding gates and insert your boarding pass. After passing through you will receive the boarding pass stub with your seat number.

* Except on flights to and from Switzerland
**With Lufthansa, families with small children are able to board the aircraft before all other passengers – including passengers with priorityboarding. This also applies to passengers with reduced mobility and to passengers with a disability.