Smart bags

Lufthansa offers you the option of using a ‘Smart bag’ for your trip which has an electronic display instead of the conventional paper bag tag.

Creating a bag tag from your mobile boarding pass

Open your mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. In the boarding pass’s drop-down menu, which you can open via the symbol on the bottom right on an iPhone and the top right on an Android phone, you will find the entry ‘Smart bag’.

Creating a bag tag from the Lufthansa app main menu

The entry ‘Smart bag’, a sub-item of the menu item ‘Baggage’, opens a list of the upcoming flights for which you have already checked in. You will find the menu item ‘Smart bag’ listed under each travel entry.

Creating the bag tag and sending it to your Smart bag

Regardless of the method you have chosen, you will then be directed to the
preceding declaration concerning the carriage of dangerous goods, which for legal
reasons you must acknowledge and confirm.

After confirmation, the choice of manufacturer for your Smart bag will be displayed. Select either RIMOWA or BAGTAG depending on what type of Smart bag you have.

Using the RIMOWA Electronic Tag

After you have confirmed this, your bag tag will be created. You must now activate your Smart bag using the blue button affixed to your case.

The Lufthansa app searches for active RIMOWA Electronic Tags that are close by and lists them. Now select your RIMOWA Electronic Tag to activate it.

If your Smart bag is not displayed, you can restart the search by swiping downwards on your screen. Now tap on the line with the name of your Smart bag to select it for the transfer of the bag tag.

The transfer should start immediately. After a few seconds, the display on the RIMOWA Electronic Tag will show your bag tag.

Using the BAGTAG

Enter the login data for the BAGTAG website on your smartphone. This data is necessary for the transfer to the Smart bag and is only saved locally on your smartphone.

Now please press the button on your BAGTAG and then tap on ‘Proceed’ on your screen to start the transfer. The BAGTAG will then display your bag tag.

Final steps after the transfer

The Lufthansa app again shows you the essential information that should be found on the smart bag display. Please check and confirm that the display and the information match. If you notice any discrepancies, or if the transfer has not been successful, you can start a new transfer attempt after tapping on ‘Cancel’.

Take your Smart bag to a Lufthansa bag-drop counter or self-service bag-drop kiosk at the airport. You will then receive the electronic baggage receipt for the Smart bag you have checked in.

Managing your Smart bags for your trip

The entry ‘Smart bag’, a sub-item of the menu item ‘Baggage’, opens a list of the upcoming flights for which you have already checked in. Under each travel entry you will find the item ‘Assign Smart bag’ and an entry to display your electronic baggage receipt if you have already checked in your Smart bag at the airport.

If you have not yet checked in your Smart bag or if, for technical reasons, no electronic baggage receipt is currently available, you should try again some time after checking in your baggage.

Baggage check-in with a fast lane – Fast Bag Drop

Are you in possession of your boarding pass, which you have issued on your smartphone, online or at a check-in machine, and have you already created a bag tag via Home tag or Smart bag?