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Flight Options from Australia to Europe

Despite the fact that a number of flights operating between Australia and Europe are limited due to flight cancellations, passengers seeking to travel may wish to consider the following options operating from Sydney to Frankfurt, via Tokyo Haneda. Search Flights.

DepartureNH 880 SYD-HNDLH 717 HND-FRA
Monday20:55 - 05:30+114:05 - 19:25
Thursday20:55 - 05:30+114:05 - 19:25
Saturday20:55 - 05:30+114:05 - 19:25

Travel and corona

It’s time to be reunited with the world. This page will show you the destinations that Lufthansa is already flying to again, the hygiene measures we have introduced and what you can do to travel safely and flexibly.

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