Transporting animals as additional carry-on baggage in the cabin

Lufthansa cares for the safety and well-being of all its passengers – and this also, of course, includes animals.

For this reason, our guidelines respect current animal welfare provisions, import and export regulations and the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). To make sure that your pet arrives safe and sound at your destination, on this page you will find all the important information about transporting animals as excess baggage in the air-conditioned cargo hold in special transport containers.

In addition, please note the general information on the carriage of animals on Lufthansa flights.


Register your animal to take it with you in the cabin

You can take your dog or cat with you in the cabin on your Lufthansa flight. We shall check for availability, and make the booking for you at least 72 hours before departure.

Specifications for the transport container

A soft-sided carrier that can be securely fastened is required for the transport of small dogs and cats in the cabin. You must bring this with you. It is not, as a general rule, possible to purchase one at the airport.


With Lufthansa, taking your pet with you into the cabin is subject to a charge. The price depends upon the route and is charged only once per flight direction, i.e. also on Lufthansa connecting flights (e.g. on a direct flight from Hamburg via Frankfurt to Madrid). For return flights and stop-overs (travel interrupted for more than 24 hours), the price is charged again.

You can pay to transport your pet at check-in or at the Lufthansa service counter at the airport. In addition to your pet and its transport container, you can, of course, also use the free baggage allowance included in your ticket.

Baggage calculator

You can check your free baggage allowance in just a few steps with our baggage calculator – based on route, travel class and fare. Here you can also find the prices for transporting your pet in the cargo hold or in the cabin.


To make your preparations easier, we have prepared a checklist for you with all the important points.