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TurinAccording to travel guides Turin, the former Italian capital, can look back over a long history. Turin was founded more than 2,000 years ago as a Roman military camp and in the years that followed it developed erratically. The city was conquered several times and as a result was rebuilt in the 15th century. Many of Turin’s most famous buildings date from this period; travel writers make particular mention of ‘il Duomo di San Giovanni’, the cathedral which houses the Turin Shroud. The castles and residences of the Dukes of Savoy are among Turin’s most important tourist attractions and they have been declared a World Heritage Site. However, sports fans will also get more than their money’s worth in Turin; the city’s two great football teams are well worth a visit and the 2006 Winter Olympics left behind many sights of interest in the city and the surrounding area. For more information please check the tourist site for Turin (

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