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Lufthansa has a treat for you! Here you'll find the latest promotion and games. There may be some great prizes to be won as well, so check back often and take part in the fun.


Test your skills with Lufthansa games

Virtual Pilot I+II

Virtual Pilot

Show how well you know some of the worlds's most exciting destinations.Challenge your friends and prove that you are a worthy Lufthansa Pilot.

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Earth Day Flyer

Earth Day Flyer

Go green! Navigate your emission free paper plane over the skies of New York and try to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Lufthansa A380 games

Lufthansa A380 games

Experience the new Lufthansa Airbus A380 in our online games. Test your knowledge in the fleet game, load the A380 or demonstrate your talent as an flight attendant in the Kitchen Game.

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Munich Airport Game- Fall

Your favorite old briefcase has become a liability. After passing through Lufthansa‘s convenient Quick Check-In at Munich Airport, your case sprung open, scattering belongings around the terminal. Can you find everything before departure?

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Lufthansa Holiday Games

Lufthansa Holiday Games

Prepare yourself for Christmas! Test your memory with a Matching Game and a Hidden Quiz and learn about the typical German holidays.

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