Special Meals

Passengers who require special food for dietary, nutritional or religious reasons have a choice of 16 different meals on Lufthansa operated flights.

Special meals can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure, provided that there is a confirmed booking in the required class. You have the opportunity to order a special meal through your travel agent or online under My Bookings. There will be no additional costs for the passenger for this service.

Please note that special meals are usually offered in Economy Class on flights of more than 185 minutes duration and in Business Class on flights of more than 75 minutes duration.

Dietary meals

Diabetic dietNo sugar, little fat, no battered or breaded products, no alcohol
Gluten free foodWhen incompatibility to gluten (gluten protein): the usage of gluten free flours
Reduction foodCalorie-reduced meals, rich on dietary fibre, low on fat and carbohydrates
Low cholesterol foodLess than 100 mg cholesterol, no animal fats, no egg yolk
Low sodium foodFor cardiovascular and kidney problems: cooking salt free, low fat, non-flatulent, without alcohol
Lactose free foodFor lactose or milk incompatibility

Vegetarian and whole food meals

Vegetarian meal (Western)No meat or fish products, without alcohol, no dairy products and eggs
Vegetarian meal (Lacto-Ovo)Meal without meat (although dairy products and eggs are allowed)
Vegetarian asian meal (Indian)Meal without meat prepared and spiced Indian style
Vegetarian meal (Oriental)Meal without meat or fish, prepared and spiced in an oriental style
Fruit mealMeal made with fruit (raw and fresh fruit, without meat)
Light whole foodLight diet for the stomach, bowel, liver, gall
Meal without fishContains no seafood, mussels or similar products

Meals for members of certain religions

Kosher mealStrictly kosher food prepared under the supervision of a rabbinate
Muslim mealNo use of pork, no venison and no alcohol used. Usage of halal standard certified meat- and poultry products exclusively
Hindu meal (non-veg)Usage of lamb, mutton, goat, poultry and fish and could include root vegetales

Children’s menus and baby food

Meals for babies and toddlers – such as jars of baby food, mini Vienna sausages and soups – are available on board Lufthansa flights as long as supplies last and do not need to be ordered as extras when booking. Child-friendly meals, known as our ‘Children’s menus’ (for children aged two and over) can be ordered at the time of booking or no later than 24 hours before departure at no additional cost.

Further information about our children’s menus