Avenida 20 de Janeiro s/nº, Ilha do Governador, 21942-900, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Telephone: (021) 33 98 50 50
Fax: (021) 33 93 22 88



Terminalplan Rio de JaneiroThe airport is located 20km (13 miles) north of Rio de Janeiro.


How to get there

The airport is connected to Rio de Janeiro by two major roads, Linha Vermelha and Avenida Brasil. The airport is signposted on both roads.

Information about parking possibilities at the Rio de Janeiro Airport


Access by public transport

There is an airport shuttle bus every hour which stops at major hotels and beaches.
Empresa Real have air-conditioned frescao buses that drive into the city as well as along the seafront stopping off at the hotels (journey time - 45 minutes). Public buses run to the city centre.

Taxis are available, although visitors are advised to ignore the RDE taxi desk and go to the Rio de Janeiro State Tourism Authority desk instead and buy prepaid taxi vouchers. Otherwise, passengers should ensure that their taxi’s meter is cleared of the last fare.


Information desk

Infraero information counters can be found on the second floor in Terminal 1 and on the Departures floor in Terminal 2. Computerized information screens are available in Terminal 2. There is also a tourist information desk at the airport.


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