Agreement between the USA and the European Union

All airlines are legally required to disclose the flight and reservation details (also known as the Passenger Name Record or PNR data) of every passenger travelling to the USA to the American Customs and Border authorities (Department of Homeland Security). This information will be used solely for the purposes of combating terrorism.

The disclosure of the information and its use by the US authorities were regulated in an agreement between the European Union and the United States on 6 July 2007.

This agreement was ratified by the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) on 20 December 2007.

The relevant law can be viewed at the address below, along with details of the agreement and the American undertaking regarding data protection:

Information about the law


Specific aspects of the disclosure of information by Lufthansa

For more information about the data which Lufthansa is obliged to pass on to the US authorities, please see the FAQs.

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