Lufthansa AIRail: the perfect combination of train and plane

Travel conveniently from the centre of Cologne (via Siegburg/Bonn), Dusseldorf, Karlsruhe, Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe or Stuttgart on the ICE (Inter-City Express) to Frankfurt Airport or in the opposite direction, and enjoy the extensive benefits of Lufthansa AIRail services. The perfectly timed coordination of the trains with Lufthansa flights means that transfer times between train and plane are minimal. You can also comfortably catch early intercontinental flights thanks to your AIRail train service.

When you start your journey on an AIRail train, you can check in for both the train journey and the connecting flight in advance and simply take your baggage with you onto your AIRail train. So on arrival at Frankfurt’s mainline station and after checking in your baggage at the AIRail terminal, you can proceed directly through security to your departure gate.

After your flight lands in Frankfurt, make your way directly to the AIRail Terminal where you can collect your bags from the exclusive AIRail baggage reclaim and proceed through Customs. You then simply take your baggage with you on to your AIRail train.

Assistance for boarding and disembarking the train is available to AIRail passengers at Frankfurt.


Take the train to the plane – book now and you can travel now from/to Kassel and Karlsruhe Central Station

AIRail serviceSet off from Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe or Karlsruhe Central Station directly to Frankfurt Airport and from there to anywhere in the world!

For this route please print out your boarding pass online yourself from 23 hours to no later than 15 minutes before the train departs or have it sent to your mobile phone. Please take your bags with you on to the train and check them in at Frankfurt Airport’s AIRail Terminal, which is located immediately above the mainline station.

On the journey from Frankfurt mainline station to your AIRail destination, simply collect your baggage from the AIRail Terminal on the way to your train. Your baggage is not checked through to Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Stuttgart or Dusseldorf.


All the important AIRail services at a glance

  • Routes:
  • Lufthansa boarding pass for AIRail trains as well as for feeder flights/onward flights
  • Minimal transfer times between AIRail trains and Lufthansa flights
  • Miles & More mileage credit
  • Baggage check-in/collection before or after Lufthansa flights in the AIRail terminal at Frankfurt
  • At Frankfurt mainline station assistance with boarding and disembarking is available for passengers on arriving and departing AIRail trains
  • Seat reservation on all AIRail routes and personal assistance from an AIRail guard on the Cologne – Frankfurt route (and vice versa) and the Stuttgart-Frankfurt route (and vice versa)


Easy and convenient booking

AIRail trains are included in both the Lufthansa reservation system and in the worldwide reservation systems as ‘flights’.

You can book the AIRail service online at or via the mobile portal, at your travel agency or through the Lufthansa Call Centre.

If starting your journey in Siegburg/Bonn, please note the following: for technical reasons you must always specify Cologne as your starting point or destination when making a booking.

Passengers who require special assistance during the AIRail journey should indicate this when booking and have it confirmed so that assistance can be guaranteed.

We regret that at the current time the AIRail service from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt and back does not have suitable facilities for passengers with reduced mobility who, for example, are confined to a wheelchair. You may, of course, continue to use our flights between Dusseldorf and Frankfurt as usual.

Additional information for AIRail – passengers requiring special assistance


Check-in and boarding pass

For your journey on Lufthansa AIRail you will require a boarding pass which you can issue yourself online or via your mobile phone from 23 hours before the departure of your train. If you do not have an opportunity to do this, there are Lufthansa check-in machines available to you at Dusseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart central stations at which you can print out your boarding pass up to 15 minutes before your train departs.

Opening times:

AIRail Centre at Cologne Central Station (QKL)

Mon.-Sun.: 05.00-12:00 hrs; 13:00-16:00 hrs; 17:00-20:00 hrs

AIRail Centre at Stuttgart Central Station (ZWS)
Mon.-Sun.: 06.30-11.30 hrs; 12.30-13.30 hrs; 14.30-17.30 hrs

DB Travel Centre at Dusseldorf Central Station (QDU)
Mon.-Fri.: 06:00-22:00 hrs; Sat.+Sun.: 07:00-22:00 hrs

If your journey ends in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Stuttgart or Dusseldorf, you will already have been checked in for your AIRail train at the airport where you first began your journey. You will then receive your baggage in the Lufthansa AIRail Terminal on your way to the mainline station at Frankfurt Airport.

In addition, the Lufthansa check-in machines at Frankfurt are available for you to use if you have not yet checked in for AIRail trains or Lufthansa flights.

Your Lufthansa boarding pass for the AIRail route replaces your train ticket, which is why it is important that you are in possession of a boarding pass before you start your journey. Should you board the train without a valid boarding pass or use a train that is not shown as an AIRail route, you may incur penalty fares from Deutsche Bahn.

For AIRail passengers booked in Lufthansa First Class or Business Class, seats are reserved in the train’s 1st Class carriage. Economy Class passengers will have seats reserved for them in the train’s 2nd Class carriages. The carriage and seat number will be shown on your boarding pass.

Your boarding pass for the AIRail route is only valid for the train you have booked. Should you have a rebookable ticket, however, you are welcome to check in for an earlier or later AIRail train service.

There are no Lufthansa check-in machines available at Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Karlsruhe and Siegburg/Bonn stations. Please have your boarding pass issued up to 15 minutes before the departure of your booked AIRail train online or on your mobile.

Important information for passengers from Siegburg/Bonn
: please issue your boarding pass up to 15 minutes before your booked AIRail train departs from Cologne’s Central Station online or on your mobile phone.



Baggage regulations for AIRail travel

As an AIRail passenger you are responsible for your baggage during the train journey up to the point at which you check it in at Frankfurt. For this reason please take your baggage on to the train yourself and ideally keep it close to your seat.

Immediately after your train arrives at Frankfurt mainline station, simply check in your baggage in the Lufthansa AIRail Terminal (detailed view) above the tracks.

If you are travelling to Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Stuttgart or Dusseldorf you can also collect your baggage very conveniently from the Lufthansa AIRail Terminal in Frankfurt on the way to your train.

We have summarised the baggage check-in and collection options as well as the baggage check-in deadlines for you here:

Baggage check-in/collection
Deadline for checking in baggage
Checking in baggage at Frankfurt

if your journey starts in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Cologne (Siegburg/Bonn), Karlsruhe or Kassel- Wilhelmshöhe

Counter 11 in the AIRail-Terminal
40 minutes before departure
Lufthansa baggage drop-off counter in the departure area
Please note the check-in deadlines
Check-in counter of the connecting airline in the departure area
Relevant airline’s guidelines
Baggage reclaim at Frankfurt

if your journey starts in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Cologne (Siegburg/Bonn), Karlsruhe or Kassel- Wilhelmshöhe
Baggage collection: AIRail-Terminal (view layout)

Please note: customs clearance may also be necessary

Assistance is available to AIRail passengers boarding and disembarking the train at Frankfurt.

For our AIRail routes to/from Stuttgart and Cologne, the free AIRail porter service is available at Frankfurt and Cologne stations to help you with your bags between the station platform and the AIRail Terminal/Centre as well as with getting on and off the train.

The free baggage allowance for your AIRail journey is shown on your electronic ticket or your booking confirmation.

As a rule, for Lufthansa flights the general baggage regulations apply in respect of carry-on baggage, as do the Lufthansa free baggage regulations.

For the Lufthansa AIRail service specific AIRail baggage regulations also apply.