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What is PartnerPlusBenefit program?

PartnerPlusBenefit (also known as PPB for short name) is a corporate loyalty program which allows participating company to earn valuable BenefitPoints whenever the employees/staffs travel on Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian Airlines.
It is a double reward as individual travellers can earn milage for their personal frequent-flyer-card and collect BenefitPoints for the company at the same time.

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What kind of benefits can your company enjoy from PartnerPlusBenefit?

The PartnerPlusBenefit (PPB) membership is free of charge; and by participating in the program, your company earns BenefitPoints whenever the employees travel with Lufthansa/SWISS/Austrian.

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Valuable BenefitPoints can be redeemed for a wide range of awards, such as:
- Convert your BenefitPoints into free flight and free upgrade.
- Redeem your BenefitPoints for additional baggage allowance.
- Enjoy direct discount of ticket fare on the next purchase.
- Cash back for your corporate travel budget.
- Go beyond just air travel with SIXT limo-service.
- Make donation to local charity projects sponsored by HelpAlliance to support unfortunate children.
You can assign the redeemed award to anyone in your company, and can access your PPB account 24/7.
All awards can be requested via Lufthasa Service Center, by phone: +66 2264 2402 or by email: bkk.ppb@dlh.de .


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- 5,000 BenefitPoints as Welcome Bonus for your enrolment. And 1,000 additional BenefitPoints for your first ticket issued with Lufthansa. By having 6,000 BenefitPoints in your account, you can redeem instantly for a limosine transfer from Bangkok city to Airport with SIXT.
- 500THB Oiishi Voucher together with 2 Fast-Track Immigration passes at Bangkok airport.

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* All mentioned rewards will be delivered via mail. 5,000 BenefitPoints will be credited to your account after your first successful log-in into PartnerPlusBenefit website.

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