Delayed baggage

We are very sorry that your baggage was not at your destination airport. Be assured that we will do everything necessary to return your baggage to you as quickly as possible. Baggage is traced by means of a worldwide baggage search system. Our customer call centre will inform you of the whereabouts of your baggage.

Report delayed baggage online or at the airport

In case your bags go missing, please keep your flight documents, especially your boarding pass and baggage tag receipt with you at all times. Please wait until all the luggage has been put out on the conveyor belts at Baggage Reclaim. This can take up to an hour and even longer in rare cases. If, however, one or more of your items of baggage cannot be found, please report this immediately so that an official report can be generated.

You can report your loss to the Lufthansa baggage tracing desk at the airport or to the Lufthansa airport representative. You will then receive a written confirmation with a reference number. Please keep this safe as you will need it again.

If your baggage has not been delivered, you can also report it as delayed online or via your smartphone. To do so, please complete the form available via the link below.

Report delayed baggage online

Find out the whereabouts of your baggage online

We are searching for your baggage with the help of a worldwide baggage tracing system to which several hundred airlines are affiliated. You can check on the progress of your baggage tracing online by means of the reference number. You will find this reference number (e.g. FRALH12345) on the written confirmation that you received when you reported your missing baggage at the airport.

As well as being able to check the status of the search for your baggage, you can change your details online too. In particular, if the delivery address or your contact details are incorrect or have changed, please amend these via the following link.

Check the status of baggage tracing online or make changes here

If you cannot obtain the information you want or make changes through this link, you will find a contact telephone number on the written confirmation you received when you reported your missing baggage.

Extended baggage search after 5 days have expired

We find most missing items of baggage within the first 24 hours. As soon as your baggage is located we will contact you to arrange to deliver it to you. In rare cases we may not be able to locate an item of baggage within 5 days. In this case too, Lufthansa will contact you by telephone and ask you to complete a list of the contents of your delayed item of baggage.

With the help of the contents list you complete, we will carry out an intensive contents-related search for your baggage. This contents-related search enables us to assign the majority of delayed baggage to its rightful owner. For this reason we request that you complete the contents list in as much detail as possible, including all the information about your baggage only once 5 days have expired.

Access a baggage contents list online here
(PDF download – please save the file before working on it)

Replacement claims, liability and insurance

Please report your claims in writing. More information on our terms and conditions can be found here:

Liability and insurance

Loss of individual items from checked baggage

If individual items or the entire contents of your bag go missing, you will find detailed information here on how to report your loss.

Procedure for the loss of individual items