What to do at security


Before boarding the aircraft, you must undergo a personal security check. We also check that your carry-on baggage conforms to security regulations. In this video we have put together the most important advice for you on what to do during the security check. Here you will find out how to carry liquids and how you can pass through security with a laptop.

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Information on security checks:

  • Your carry-on baggage will go through a security check before boarding. Should x-ray be used this will not have any influence on your film material (up to 1,000 ASA/31 DIN).
  • We apologise for any inconvenience which our passengers may experience as a result of these official restrictions. We recommend that passengers restrict carry-on baggage to the absolute necessities and arrive at the airport in good time.
  • We hope you understand that Lufthansa is not liable for items that you might have to leave behind at the security check.
  • Please refuse to take along items with unknown content (envelopes, parcels etc.) as a favour for strangers. If you are approached in this respect notify the police, customs or our local staff immediately.

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