Technical equipment


For optimum treatment in every situation

The spacious dimensions of the PTC provide plenty of room for a patient bed, two seats for the doctor and Lufthansa PTC escort, intensive care medical equipment, all necessary material and medicines. So there is ample space for the best care of patients, which can be done comfortably while standing or for complicated medical treatment. And the bigger the transport unit is, the more pleasant and comfortable the care is both for the patients and the medical personnel.

The doctors have state-of-the-art medical equipment available to them such as:

  • Propaq CS
  • Abbott i-STAT1
  • 13,000 liters of oxygen
  • Accu-Chek Compact
  • Zoll M-Series
  • MCM OT Fresenius
  • ACCUVAC Rescue
  • Breas ventilator LTV 1.000 and LTM monitor
  • Injectomat 2000
  • Vacuum mattress

Since the personal closeness of loved ones can sometimes be the best medicine, patients' relatives may accompany them on Lufthansa flights to their homeland. For us, that is also part of optimum care.

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