Great flight offers to North America in Business Class

With Lufthansa you can fly to more than 20 destinations in North America. Find your dream destination and enjoy your time in the USA, Mexico or Canada. Experience great service as well as exceptional food and comfort at the airport and during your flight. The new Lufthansa Business Class offers complete comfort with Full Flat Seats, advanced connectivity features and culinary delights during your flight.

  • Not valid:  23.12.2015 - 02.01.2016
  • Beijing

    from  2309 €*
    City guide Beijing
  • City guide Bangkok
  • City guide Mumbai
  • City guide Boston
  • City guide Buenos Aires
  • City guide Cairo
  • City guide Chicago
  • City guide Delhi
  • City guide Dallas/ Fort Worth
  • City guide Hong Kong
  • City guide Houston
  • City guide Johannesburg
  • City guide Los Angeles
  • City guide Miami
  • City guide New York
  • City guide Rio de Janeiro
  • City guide Sao Paulo
  • City guide Seoul
  • City guide San Francisco
  • City guide Tokyo
  • City guide Washington D.C.
  • City guide Toronto

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  • * Minimum stay 6 days or Sunday; Advance purchase 21 Days; Changes permited against fee 240 €
  • ** Minimum stay 8 days or Sunday; Advance purchase 28 Days; Changes permited against fee 250 €
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