Interim lounge for passengers at the new Terminal 2 in Mumbai

On 12 February 2014, at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, the new Terminal 2 will be brought into service, which also means a new home for Lufthansa. Passengers at the terminal will benefit not only from a modern airport infrastructure and an attractive choice of lounges, but also from spectacular architecture and an exhibition of Indian art.

Until the lounges in the new Terminal 2 are finished, the Mumbai Airport Lounge will be available to all airlines as a temporary solution. The lounge is located after the exit check on Level 3 next to gate 86. It provides passengers with numerous amenities to enjoy before their flight, such as a bistro area with buffet and drinks, work units and comfortable seats and sofas in which to relax.
Entry to the interim lounge is only possible with an authorisation that will be allocated by the airlines concerned. Lufthansa First and Business Class passengers as well as HON Circle Members, Senators and Star Gold card holders will receive an invitation card for access to the lounge at the check-in counter.

Lufthansa will provide information in good time about its future lounges at Mumbai.


Newark Airport (NY) — new Lufthansa combi-lounge opens

Lufthansa is expanding its lounge offer abroad. Due to its proximity to Manhattan, Newark Airport (EWR) in the state of New Jersey is an important destination for Lufthansa, along with John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City.

The new combi-lounge extends over 475 square metres, has a Business Lounge with 60 seats and a Senator Lounge with 69 seats. Visitors can make themselves comfortable in cosy armchairs and enjoy snacks and drinks at the bistro tables or at the bar counter.


The combi-lounge is resplendent in the new Lufthansa lounge design. Thanks to the larger windows, there is an excellent view over the apron. The catering, as in the three Lufthansa lounges at John F. Kennedy Airport, is provided by FLIK, a caterer with outstanding customer satisfaction ratings. If you have not checked in online or with your smartphone, as a First Class or Business Class passenger you can also use the ‘Fast Lanes’ at the security control for a preferential check-in.

The lounge is situated in Terminal B, B3, in close proximity to the Lufthansa departure gates. A new feature: as well as First Class passengers, HON Circle Members, Senators and Business Class passengers, Frequent Travellers and SWISS passengers entitled to lounge access may now also use the new Lufthansa lounges at Newark Airport.


The new Business Lounge at Frankfurt Airport — more room for a relaxing time before departure

Since 14 October 2013 Frankfurt Airport has had another Lufthansa Business Lounge. It is situated near Gate A26 on Level 3 and offers Business Class travellers and status customers, who are departing from Gates A20 to A42, the perfect opportunity for a stopover.

The lounge extends to a spacious 840 square metres and invites passengers to take a short break while they enjoy delicious snacks and beverages. The new Business Lounge will not only extend the total lounge area available at Frankfurt Airport, it will also relieve the pressure on the popular lounges in the new Pier A.


Once passengers have checked in online or via their mobile, handed in their baggage at the priority check-in in Hall A and used the fast lane to pass quickly through security, they can access the lounge in Pier A via the escalator next to Gate 26 or by taking the lift to Level 3.
After a relaxing stay in the new lounge, passengers can look forward to a calm and stress-free boarding: thanks to priority boarding, HON Circle Members, Senators, Star Alliance Gold card holders and Business Class passengers can take their seats on the aircraft before all other passengers — and so have enough time to stow their hand luggage and sit down without being rushed.


Travel time is relaxation time — in the five new lounges in Lufthansa Pier A

With the opening of the new Lufthansa Pier A at Frankfurt Airport, the choice of lounges for our passengers is also being expanded. Since 10 October 2012 one First Class Lounge, two Senator Lounges and two Business Lounges, with a combined floor space of 7,600 m2, have been offering the greatest possible comfort — with plenty of room for guests to relax, work, enjoy a delicious snack or freshen up in the modern shower rooms. The new lounges are located opposite Gate A13 or A50/Z50*.


The newly designed Senator and Business Lounges also celebrate a first for Germany: as part of the design concept, Lufthansa WorldShop will showcase a selection of its exclusive products in a special display area. The highlight of the new First Class Lounge is the First Class library, which provides a choice of high-quality coffee-table books by DuMont, one of Germany’s most famous art publishers, and a limousine service to the aircraft.


With the opening of these new, significantly larger and centrally located lounges, the current lounges close to Gate A26 will be closed. As a result, the Senator Lounge and Business Lounge in the Schengen area, the one-class Tower Lounge in the non-Schengen area as well as the First Class Lounge on Level 3 will no longer be available.

The creation of the new lounges will increase the lounge space offered at Frankfurt by 5,500 square metres to a total of 17,300 square metres.


Find out where the lounges are located in the new Pier A at Frankfurt Airport.
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*A Business Lounge and a First Class Lounge are located in the Schengen area, Level 02, directly next to Gate A13. Passengers will find the Senator Lounge on the same level at Gate A50. Another Senator Lounge and Business Lounge are located in the non-Schengen area on Level 03, close to Gate Z50.


Room to sit back and relax: the first Lufthansa lounge in Delhi opens

Enjoy your stay at Indira Gandhi International Airport in the newly opened Lufthansa lounge. At almost 350 square metres, it offers you plenty of space to relax in peace and quiet before your flight.

Refresh yourself with hot and cold snacks and drinks until your flight is ready for boarding. The lounge is divided into bistro, comfort and work areas and welcomes First and Business Class passengers as well as HON Circle Members, Senators, Frequent Travellers and Star Gold Card holders. It can seat 130 guests in total.

The new lounge is located in Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is only 16 km from Delhi city centre. You can fly to the Indian capital daily with Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich or Vienna.


Frequent Travellers: access change regulation to Contract Lounges

Frequent Travellers travelling in Economy Class on a flight operated by a Star Alliance carrier can enjoy their time at the airport in an Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS Business Lounge, as well as, in the lounges of Miles & More partners: Brussels Airlines, Luxair* and LOT Polish Airlines. Moreover, since 1 September 2012 the contract lounges have no longer been available.**

You can find out under ‘Lounge search’ whether your destination airport has a lounge which you can use.

*Only in connection with a flight operated by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair, SWISS
**Access to the former Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines contract lounges is also no longer possible.


Free surfing in Lufthansa Lounges

To enable Lufthansa lounge guests worldwide to use the full freedom of the Internet without restriction, since 1 July 2011 Lufthansa will be providing WLAN free of charge via Telekom network in its lounges. Whether they are resting in a Relax Chair or enjoying a little snack in the bistro - passengers can access the Internet from any location they want in the lounge. With this free service, Lufthansa is meeting the wishes of numerous passengers who for a number of years have been able to surf wirelessly, answer e-mails or access their own company’s network (VPN).


Frequent Travellers can now purchase access to Lufthansa lounges for their children

From now on Frequent Travellers can take children up to the age of 12 with them into selected Lufthansa Business Lounges for a fee of €15 or US$20.

For youngsters aged 13 and upwards accompanying Frequent Travellers, the current entrance fee for adults of €25 or US$35 will now apply. Adults have been able to purchase access to the Lufthansa Business Lounges in Germany, the USA and Paris Charles de Gaulle since 2010.

Vouchers for lounge access can be bought from the Lufthansa ticket counters at the relevant departure airport immediately before entering the lounge. Frequent Travellers are entitled to enter the lounges with their children or other travelling companions on production of their Miles & More status card as well as boarding passes for a Lufthansa-operated flight valid for that day and airport of departure.


Take your companions with you into the lounge

Take your companions with you into the loungeAs a Frequent Traveller or Senator you can now share the benefits of the Lufthansa lounges with your travelling companions*. Your companions have the option of purchasing entry to selected Lufthansa lounges.

If you are a Frequent Traveller your companions can choose between the Lufthansa Business Lounges in Germany and the USA and the Welcome Lounge at Frankfurt Airport. Costs for one-time access are 25 euros or 35 US dollars per person for the Business Lounges and 50 euros or 70 US dollars for the Welcome Lounge.

As a Senator you are already able to invite one companion, as well as your own children under 18, to join you in Lufthansa Senator Lounges free of charge. Additional companions can purchase entry to the Lufthansa Senator Lounges in Germany and the USA. Costs for one-time entry are 40 euros or 50 US dollars per person. Of course Senators‘ companions can also purchase entry to the Lufthansa Business Lounges in Germany and the USA and the Welcome Lounge at Frankfurt.

Vouchers for lounge admission can be bought at the Lufthansa ticket counters at the relevant departure airports in Germany and the USA immediately before your visit to the lounge. Vouchers for the Welcome Lounge can be obtained on arrival in Frankfurt Airport at the Lufthansa ticket counter. To purchase a voucher you must have a boarding pass for a Lufthansa intercontinental flight.

To enter the lounges with their travelling companions, Frequent Travellers and Senators must show their Miles & More status card and both they and their companions must be in possession of boarding passes for a Lufthansa operated flight valid for that day and airport of departure.

* There is no limit on the number of companions allowed per lounge visit.