SIXT E-voucher Redemption

Welcome to the redemption portal for the SIXT Limousine Voucher.

Below is a list of services that you can redeem using your BenefitPoints.

SIXT Limousine Transfer Service (starting from 8,400 points)

Redeem a one-way transfer to or from the International Passenger Terminals (T1 and T2) to any point in the following areas:

- Makati or Taguig City for only 8,400 points
- Manila or Quezon City for only 9,000 points

SIXT Limousine 3 hours service (19,650 points)

Redeem 3 hours limousine service, perfect for short meetings within the city limits.

SIXT Limousine 10 hours service (54,300 points)

Redeem 10 hours limousine service, best for whole day multiple business meetings.

Note: We will observe a 5-day period for the Lufthansa – SIXT e-voucher redemption processing.

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