What is a Pop-Up Blocker and how do I deactivate it?

A Pop-Up Blocker is a function which prevents an additional browser window - a so-called pop-up - from opening or 'popping up'.


Deactivation using Microsoft Internet Explorer

The enhanced Internet Explorer with Windows XP Service Pack 2 contains a Pop-up Blocker. To allow pop-ups from Lufthansa, select the menu items 'Tools' - 'Pop-up Blocker' - 'Pop-up Blocker Settings'. Then under 'Address of website to allow' enter the following domain: and click 'Add'.


Deactivation using Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox browser comes with a built-in live Pop-up Blocker as standard. To allow pop-ups from Lufthansa, select the menu items 'Tools' - 'Settings'. Under 'Content' add the following domain via the 'Allowed sites' button:


Deactivation using other browsers

Please consult your browser's Help function for advice on how to deactivate the Pop-up Blocker.

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