Check-in machine

Check-in machine

No more long queues at check-in: simply check in quickly and easily at the check-in machines directly at the airport.

Checking-in at the Check-in machine

There are three ways to check in at the check-in machine. You will see the different check-in options displayed on the machine’s start screen.

  1. You may check in with your Miles & More card, customer card or credit card. Please insert these as usual in the machines. Thanks to the RFID technology in the card reader of the new machines, all you need to do to start the check-in process is to hold your Miles & More credit card or a Mastercard with PayPass function up to the machine. If you don’t have a Miles & More card or a Mastercard with PayPass function, please insert your credit card in the machine as usual.
  2. Simply place your machine-readable ID card or passport on the check-in machine’s scanner. Then enter the flight number, destination or booking reference for your flight.
  3. Touch the screen and enter your last name and the booking reference for your flight. You will find this on your booking confirmation, on your online passenger receipt or in your profile on under "my bookings".

If you have already checked-in and would like to make changes (e.g. to change your seat), simply place your boarding pass or mobile phone barcode-side down on the machine’s scanner.

Requirements for checking in at Check-in machines

You will need an electronic ticket. Your identification for checking in at a machine comes from one of the following: the number of the Miles & More card, another Star Alliance customer card, the credit card or the German ec-Card under which the electronic ticket has been saved. Alternatively you can enter your booking code, together with your first and last names.

Exception: at the present time it is not possible for passengers with pets to check in at a check-in machine.

Check-in methods and Check-in deadlines

You can check in quickly and easily at our check-in machines at numerous airports in Germany and throughout Europe. In this section you will discover which airports have check-in machines available, how to print out your own boarding pass and how to check in your baggage without facing a long wait at one of the baggage drop-off counters:

Information on different ways to check in

Checking in with baggage

You can check in at all airports which have Lufthansa check-in machines even if you are carrying baggage. Don’t wait in a long queue at the desk, simply check in at one of the Lufthansa check-in machines as usual. Once the check-in process is completed, you will see displayed on the screen the number of the baggage drop-off counter at which you can hand in your baggage without a long wait. A Lufthansa employee will take your bags, attach the luggage tags and deal with anything further.

Register passport information at the Check-in machine yourself

For flights to the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, India, South Africa and Mexico Lufthansa is bound by law to register the passport information of every passenger. For these destinations you can easily register your information yourself at the check-in machines equipped with scanners, thus saving yourself the trouble of registering at the departure gate.

More information about registering passport information