Pittsburgh International Airport
PO Box 12370, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15231, USA
Telefon: (412) 472 3525.



Pittsburgh International Airport is situated 22km (14 miles) west of Pittsburgh.


How to get there

From central Pittsburgh, drive through Fort Pitt tunnels then take SR279 South and follow signs for the airport. The airport access road is at junction 6 of SR60 (SR22/30 for a part of its stretch).

Pittsburgh International Airport


Access by public transport

The 28X Airport Flyer bus (tel: (412) 442 2000; runs to central Pittsburgh and Oakland, approximately every 20 minutes. The fare is US$2.60. Numerous shuttle and limousine services are available to destinations all over the region. General transport enquiries can be contacted on: (412) 472 5538.

Taxi companies at the airport are Checker Cab (tel: (412) 664 5600) and Yellow Cab Co. of Pittsburgh (tel: (412) 321 8100).

The airport has many shuttle services to nearby centres, and many of the local hotels operate a courtesy shuttle service.


Information desk

Airport information desks (tel: (412) 472 3525) can be found in the central areas of both terminals; blue courtesy information phones are located throughout the airport. The Travelers Aid desk (tel: (412) 472 3599), located on the baggage reclaim level of the Landside Terminal, offers general travel assistance and information in emergency situations. Ambassadors are also on hand to provide assistance (tel: (412) 472 5690).


Further travel information

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