Honolulu International Airport
300 Rodgers Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819-1897, United States
Telefon: (808) 836 6411



Terminalplan HonoluluHonolulu International Airport is situated 6km (4 miles) west of Honolulu.


How to get there

From Waikiki, drive to the end of the main Kalakaua Avenue and turn left just before the Honolulu Zoo onto Kapahulu Avenue. Follow Kapahulu Avenue to the end, where it merges into the H-1 freeway. Take the H-1 westbound and follow signs to the airport.

Information about parking possibilities at the Honolulu International Airport


Access by public transport

There are several city bus services serving Honolulu International Airport. The city bus system in Honolulu is called 'TheBus'. Bus 19 eastbound and bus 20 follow different routes to central Waikiki. Westbound, bus 19 goes to Hickham Air Force Base, while bus 20 goes to the Pearlridge Shopping Center, both via downtown Honolulu. One-way fares cost US$2.50. Shuttle: The 24-hour SpeediShuttle serves hotels in Waikiki. The fare to Waikiki or Honolulu Harbour is US$14.55.

AMPCO Express (tel: (808) 861 8294) is the airport's authorised service. Taxis are available in front of the baggage reclaim areas. The fare from the airport to Waikiki during non-rush hour periods is about US$35-40.


Information desk

Information booths, open from 0430 to 2345, are located throughout Honolulu International Airport. Information is available from the State Visitor Information Program (tel: (808) 836 6413).


Further travel information

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