Inflight entertainment


Limitless freedom of choice

The passengers can use the entertainment-on-demand function to decide how often a selected program is played, and you decide where your advertising is to be seen.

In Lufthansa Media World, First-Class and Business-Class passengers have an even more comprehensive entertainment program at their disposal.

They can choose from the countdown clock, the daily news, the magazine on air, 30 feature films in up to eight languages and music magazines from all around the world. These include current cinema films and Oscar-winning masterpieces.

With single advertising placements we ensure you get undivided attention.

Countdown clock
The onboard entertainment program starts with the countdown
clock. In this environment, your single commercial provides
additional excitement.

Daily News
In the daily news the viewers experience two commercial breaks, one between the latest news and business & finance, and the second providing an informative atmosphere after the sports news from around the world and before the „magazine on air“.

Magazine on air
The video magazine produced every month for Lufthansa entertains the passengers on the key themes of travel, entertainment, people, business & technology and the Lufthansa news. With two breaks within the program, you have the opportunity to provide comprehensive information about your products and services.

Feature film highlights
Lufthansa shows the very latest feature films – in many cases
even before the official German cinema launch date. Benefit from this positive image transfer effect.

Passengers in First Class and Business Class will see your
commercial before the start of the 15 family films, comedies and animations or the 15 feature films with the focus on action films and thrillers. Economy Class passengers will see your commercial before the top feature film of the month. Unique positioning guaranteed!

Music video clips
Lufthansa shows a fine compilation of the latest music clips. For the routes to India, China, Japan and the Arab countries there are even music video clips in the respective national languages. Become a part of the program with your commercial.

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