Welcome on board

In First Class on the upper deck of our flagship, the Lufthansa A380, you will experience an unparalleled sense of space, plenty of peace and quiet above the clouds and numerous details that will make your journey in First Class more enjoyable than ever before.



The A380 fleet is being continually expanded and by the end of 2015 should comprise twelve aircraft in total which will carry you to your destination in unparalleled First Class comfort. For further information about the current A380 destinations, please visit our A380 page.

On board the Lufthansa flagship you can expect a forward-thinking use of the available space. The innovative seating arrangement is open and facilitates communication — although you can decide for yourself what degree of privacy you would like at any time thanks to the individually operable privacy screen. The spacious cabin and the absence of overhead bins, giving you more space above your head, create plenty of room for you to stretch out.



For a comfortable journey just rely on your own senses: thanks to their intuitive controls, the eight First Class seats on board the Lufthansa A380 are remarkably easy to adjust to the position that you find most comfortable. Back and foot rests that can be adjusted independently of each other and an ottoman on wheels provide even greater comfort.



Arrive at your destination fully rested: if you would like to sleep, our flight attendants will turn your First Class seat into a proper, two-metre-long bed. We also provide you with a temperature-regulating duvet, a high-quality pillow and an extra soft mattress.

To ensure that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep, the Lufthansa A380 is uniquely quiet. This is the result of a variety of efficient measures to reduce noise, such as the additional outer skin insulation, soundproof curtains and effective footfall sound insulation beneath the carpet in the First Class cabin.



Sometimes you feel completely at ease without knowing exactly why. You can experience this feeling on board the Lufthansa A380 thanks to numerous exclusive details: the first automatic air humidification system on board a commercial airliner creates a pleasant climate in the First Class cabin and the modern lighting design produces a restful ambience.

You can set the perfect lighting for your requirements yourself by using the electrically adjustable window blinds, an adjustable reading light and a separate night light.

Your personal programme of entertainment makes it even easier to relax: the multimedia remote control with a game pad on the back enables you to navigate quickly and easily through Lufthansa Media World - on a large screen in the new design at your seat. And the modern, noise-cancelling headset ensures you can listen to music or watch a film undisturbed.



The table at your First Class seat on board the Lufthansa A380 is made to suit your requirements. It slides along the whole length of the seat and is ideal both for working and storage. And so that you have enough room for all your papers, you can store your carry-on baggage in your personal wardrobe.


Freshening up

So that you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, the spacious bathroom provides plenty of room to move about: the washing and changing area is separate from the toilet area and has a genuine leather banquette to sit on, as well as plenty of places to put your toiletries and other items.

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