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Heavy/Large Musical Instuments

[Posted June 27, 2014]
Effective 1st July, musical instruments exceeding the general weight limit of 32 kg are allowed to be accepted on LH operating flights if the following conditions are fufilled:
- The instrument has to be confirmed in the reservation
- Max. dimensions: length 200 cm/ width 75 cm
- Max. weight: 53 kg
- Only basses (double bass, violone, viola de gamba) and drums (kettle drum, timbal or similar) are considred heavy/ large musical instruments.
Note: max. dimension and weight include both container and musical instrument.
Charges for heavy/large musical instruments:
Area Rates
Within Europe
Between third countries
(e.g. AUH-MCT) EUR 200
Intercontinental EUR 300
This information can be found in FIND


New deposit handling procedure for groups

[Posted April 16, 2014]

To ensure a timely refund processing, we are streamlining our group deposit handling with an automated procedure. Therefore, in the near future we will be switching over to ARC Memo Manager as a conduit for accepting group deposits in the U.S. and BSP link for Canada. Effective <b>May 1, 2014</b> the Group Department will implement this procedure and it will be the only method for group deposits and penalties. After you receive your Group Travel Agreement, a group deposit request will come via:

1.) ARC Memo Manager in the U.S.—payment due within 14 days of load date
2.) BSP link in Canada—payment to be withdrawn within 14 days of issue date

It will be imperative that you advise your accounting and/or back office of this new procedure in order to ensure the group deposit is processed. Detailed information will be communicated in your Group Travel Agreement, but feel free to contact your group representative for clarification as well. This new procedure will greatly improve the current refund process. Group deposit refunds will be processed via ARC Memo Manager and BSP link, reducing the waiting time. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to servicing your groups more efficiently.


Adjustment to reservation option for requested seats in Economy Class

Currently, free seat reservations are possible in all booking classes on intercontinental routes in Lufthansa Economy Class. As of April 28, 2014, Lufthansa will be introducing optional, paid-for seat reservations in the lowest-priced Economy Class booking classes on intercontinental routes. Passengers who are traveling in classes W, S, T, L, and K, will therefore be able to reserve the seat they want in advance on all long-haul flights for a uniform charge of $35/€25 per flight segment. It will, of course, still be possible to choose a seat free of charge when checking in from 23 hours before departure. For HON Circle Members and Senators, and those traveling with them, seat reservations on both intercontinental and continental flights will remain free of charge. Please note that the option of reserving seats for a fee will also apply to Lufthansa group bookings.

In making this decision, Lufthansa is following its competitors' lead and will also be in a better position with this offer to satisfy the requirements of the different customer segments. It means that in the future, too, we will be able to offer price-sensitive passengers flights at attractive fares, without having to give up our claim to provide a full service.

The conditions for rebookings and refunds are the same as those that apply to requested seat reservations on continental routes. Processing will also be done through the already familiar new IATA-standard Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD). Since the EMD is not yet interline-enabled, you will at first only be able to book seat reservations on 'pure' Lufthansa flights (Lufthansa operated* and Lufthansa flight number) in conjunction with a Lufthansa document. At the moment, seat reservations can only be sold through Amadeus. Other GDS's are already in preparation and should be available by the middle of this year.

As of April 28, 2014, paid-for seat reservations will also be possible via This will not only apply to bookings created in Amadeus, but also to bookings from other GDS's. The detailed 'Information on operational implementation' for reserving requested seats on continental flights, with which you are already familiar, now also contains all the information about seat reservations on intercontinental routes. You will find this here: Travel Agency Information Operational Details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Lufthansa Sales & Service Team.

*Includes Lufthansa wet-lease flights which are operated by Air Dolomiti (EN), Augsburg Airways (IQ), Eurowings (EW), Lufthansa CityLine (CL), PrivatAir and Tyrolean Airways (VO), (can be identified in Amadeus by the indicator " * " in the AN, e.g. CL*LH4840).


ADM Quick Reference Guide for US Travel Agents

For more information click here


New refund fee for credit card chargebacks

Please be advised that LH has instituted a new processing fee for the handling of Credit Card Chargebacks. If, at the end of this process, a technical refund must be done to clear the chargeback on a wholly unused ticket, there will be a $100 “Refund Processing Fee” charged by Lufthansa.

Please avoid all possible chargeback situations by having a customer signed UCCCF form done at time of ticket purchase. Please clearly advise and explain all ticket restrictions including non-refundable amounts and change fee charges to our mutual clients at time of Sale.


Improved involuntary handling after schedule changes

We first published the revised Lufthansa rules on dealing with long-term schedule changes in July 2012. Lufthansa has further improved these in response to your questions and suggestions. We are certain that with these improvements we will make it even easier for you to handle reservations and Lufthansa tickets after long-term schedule changes.

The key improvement is that you can now also make rebookings in an alternative booking class (RBD) within the same class of carriage for the Lufthansa Group airlines (OS, LX, SN), if the original booking class is not available at the time of the rebooking. As with the rebooking of Lufthansa flights, you will not require Lufthansa’s prior approval (waiver) for these.

The updated rules also include a few explanations on dealing with route segments flown by other airlines on Lufthansa tickets.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Lufthansa Sales and Service Team.


Incorrect use of Multiple Purpose Documents

For more information click here.

Please ensure that you are using the proper ID code when issuing MPD’s. Our recent analysis shows hundreds of MPDs with the incorrect ID code: UMFEEDOM instead of the correct ID code AIRTRANSP - for MPDs that are for air travel, not UMNR fees. Please review the MPD document codes with your ticketing staff to make certain the correct ID codes are used.


Avoid ADMs - Quick Reference Guide available from Lufthansa

In an effort to offer our customers the best possible service and seat availability, Lufthansa carefully reviews all reservation and ticketing activity. This enables us to address preventable GDS costs and to eliminate unnecessary cost and effort for you, as an agent, including avoidable ADMs.

The Quick Reference Guide on Lufthansa's ADM (Agent Debit Memo) policy provides you with a transparent overview of the circumstances under which an ADM will be issued. It explains the guidelines that Lufthansa applies to ensure the proper issuance of tickets so that they are in compliance with tariffs, rules and general conditions of carriage.

There are experts who are able to work around the existing rules and misuse the system. Putting in safeguards to prevent this manipulation has become a science of its own and we felt the need to produce a document that can provide you with relevant background information. In addition, we believe this document will clarify the most common misperceptions and misinterpretations of the existing rules, making your job easier and, hopefully, reducing ADMs overall.

Please take a moment to review the booking practices listed in the Quick Reference Guide and and don't hesitate to approach your Lufthansa contact if you have any further questions!


Lufthansa’s Ticket Time Limit System now includes cancellation of waitlisted segments on given ticketing deadline

Ticket Time Limit (TTL) is an instrument to enforce ticket issuance within the given time window. After TTL expiration date, unticketed LH segments are automatically scheduled for cancellation. This is done so seats booked by customers who are not traveling are released and made available for sale. Cancellations are now applicable to all flight segments, after TTL has expired, regardless of existing waitlist segments. We encourage you to book alternatives with confirmed segments and issue tickets before TTL expiration date.


Improved Process for Schedule Change handling by Travel Agency

In order to make it easier for you to process reservations and Lufthansa tickets with advance notice schedule changes, Lufthansa has introduced two important innovations:

1. Effective since July 1, 2012 you will be able to make certain rebookings/alterations of Lufthansa tickets after schedule changes yourself, on the basis of defined rules.

2. You will find these rules on the attachment here on eXperts.
Under these rules you can offer your customers an alternative after a schedule change in many cases without prior approval, or waiver, from Lufthansa.

An important innovation in the processing of schedule changes is a time limit: free rebookings must be made within 14 days of the schedule change. This ensures that all customers are treated equally and avoids the problem, in the case of long-term timetable changes, of availability issues and protection booking space not being available. Obviously customers must be informed about this 14-day deadline. We therefore recommend that you communicate details of this deadline to your customers immediately after you receive the schedule change, by incorporating it into the appropriate standard e-mail texts, for example.

In the initial phase up to 1 August 2012 (date of the schedule change) rebookings can still be made beyond the 14-day period if necessary. However, for schedule changes from 1 August onwards, the 14-day rule must be adhered to in every case.

For cases which cannot be processed according to the defined rules, please speak to your Lufthansa contact as usual.

3. Effective since June 18, 2012 Lufthansa has activated automatic revalidation after schedule changes on Lufthansa tickets for all current Lufthansa code-share partner airlines.

In many cases this clearance will save you having to do a reissue and therefore constitutes a significant simplification of the process. If the automatic revalidation is not effective in individual cases, a manual revalidation by Lufthansa or a reissue will be required.

Click here for details, and here for additional information.

Transatlantic Beyond Germany
MarketedOperatedRBDMarketedOperatedBeyond DE RBDBump RBD
Scenario 1AC/CO/UA
Scenario 2AC/CO/UALHWAC/CO/UALH*WNot Available
Scenario 3LHLHWLHLH*WNot Available
LHLHSLHLH*SNot Available
LHLHTLHLH*TNot Available
LHLHLLHLH*LNot Available
LHLHKLHLH*KNot Available
Scenario 4LHAC/CO/UAWLHLH*WNot Available

* Includes LH market flights of LH regional carriers. LH Regional = C3, CL, EN, EW, IQ


Schedule change process aligned with goodwill policies and IATA Reso 838

Lufthansa has aligned its schedule change process with its other goodwill policies and IATA Reso 838 – therefore, effective immediately

Invol rebookings/reroutings/re-issues on 220 tickets are restricted to LH ticketing offices and cannot be done by the travel agents, unless:

1) the change applies to/from LH operated flights only. This means the travel agent may rebook from an LH flight to an LH flight and exchange the ticket themselves as INVOL.

2) a waiver is obtained for the travel agent to do the exchange. If an airline - other than Lufthansa marketed and operated - is to be rebooked in order to protect the passenger, a waiver must be given to the travel agent, or LH has to do the reissue itself.

If a reasonable alternative cannot be found, in order to protect a passenger whose ticketed itinerary has undergone a schedule change, a refund may be done by the travel agency. It is best to obtain a refund waiver upfront in order to avoid an ADM that will need to be disputed later with proof of schedule change.


Audit of flight segment status

LH is auditing tickets holding Waitlist - WL (RQ status on ticket) where a confirmed reservation is required. The Flight Booking Element, as delivered by ARC CAT (Carrier Accounting Tape) is being checked against the ticketed fare rules.

Agency Debit Memos for the next applicable fare for which confirmed reservation is not required will be issued on those tickets in which such condition is not observed.

Please check the fare rules carefully to see if the requirement that “reservations are required for all sectors” is present, if so, a waitlisted segment is not acceptable as it does not comply with the fare rules .


Lufthansa alters Conditions of Carriage

In order to be able to continue to offer our customers attractive and competitive fares, Lufthansa will give passengers the option of making a reservation with or without a prescribed flight coupon sequence. This fare condition must be accepted on an individual basis by the passenger:

  • If customers wish to take all the flights in the sequence as booked, they have the choice of the usual fares, all of which contain this fare condition.
  • If passengers themselves wish to determine the sequence in which they take the flights and to use the ticket flexibly, they can now select a newly introduced fare, which is not restricted by the above-mentioned fare condition. This new fare, which will be offered for all travel classes (Economy, Business and First Class), is higher than the fares that specify the sequence in which flights must be taken.

What are the conditions attached to the new fare?

  • Passengers are free to determine the sequence in which they use the flight coupons
  • Flexible conditions (no minimum stay, no advance booking time limit; no charge for rebooking or ticket transfer; cancellation free of charge).

  • Offered as a one-way fare on all connections with a Lufthansa flight number (codeshare connections only if local traffic rights are available), e.g. DRS-MUC or MUC-GRU in the available travel classes (First, Business, Economy Class).
  • The new fares are offered as one-way sector fares.
  • To enable transit travel, e.g. roundtrip DRS-SAO, the respective one-way fares for the individual flight legs can be combined in one ticket or added on, e.g. DRS-MUC + MUC-SAO + SAO-FRA + FRA-DRS
  • The new fare will not be offered as a Preferred Fare.
  • Before they start their journey, passengers can upgrade from a fare offered on condition of sequential use of the flight coupons to a fare that permits the non-sequential use of the coupons. This is not possible, however, once passengers have embarked on their journey.
  • The new fare will be offered worldwide.

Why is the new fare even more expensive than the existing flexible fare?

  • The new coupon fare product is positioned above the highest fully flexible fare in the respective travel class.
  • The new fare is based on existing one-way fares. Since the new fare gives passengers maximum flexibility in designing their itinerary, the price of the ticket must reflect any differences due to the direction of the flight or to different market levels.

What will happen in the event that a passenger who has booked a ticket with a flight sequence that can be individually determined does not then adhere to the sequence?

In the event of the non-sequential use of a ticket, the ticket will remain valid. However, the fare for the legs that the customer wishes to fly will be recalculated in compliance with the fare applicable at the time of making the reservation.


How does this affect tickets that have already been issued?

As of April 29, 2010, Article 3.3.1 in our General Conditions of Carriage will no longer be applied. Therefore, this clause will no longer apply to any ticket issued on or before April 28, 2010. With immediate effect, Lufthansa will accept a ticketed passenger who does not use the flight coupons in sequence, provided the passenger is still confirmed on the originally booked flight. Lufthansa will not recalculate the fare that would normally be applicable when ticket coupons are used out of sequence on the flight in question.