Can a group be booked originating from outside the United States?

Yes, it is possible to request a group with an origin outside the United States.


Will my waitlisted flight get confirmed?

All group space is subject to availability in the necessary booking class. We recommend that a protection flight is booked in case the waitlisted flight does not become confirmed.


Can a special meal be requested?

Lufthansa offers several choices for different meals for religious and dietary reasons.


What if the passenger needs special assistance?

Lufthansa offers special assistance and has wheelchairs for customers who have special needs.


Can a passenger use their miles for an upgrade?

Yes, passengers in our Miles & More Program and Star Alliance partners may use miles to upgrade. Please keep in mind the specific restrictions from each program. Once ticketed, please contact your mileage program for an upgrade. Lufthansa's Miles & More number is 1-800-268-9127.


What if the passenger is hospitalized or there is a death in the family?

The respective fare conditions would apply. For information regarding your fare conditions please consult with your travel agent or Lufthansa prior to travel.


If the Group Sales department is closed, who should I contact?

You may contact the Lufthansa Call Center at 1-800-645-3880.


Who should I contact if there was a problem when my group traveled?

After the group has traveled, contact Lufthansa Customer Relations, PO Box 425, East Meadow, NY 11554.


Can individual passengers check in online?

Yes, we encourage individuals within groups to check in online here.
This may be done 23 hours prior to departure.


For further regards, please contact us.

Group Guidelines

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