Incentive Services

Venice, ItalyThe Lufthansa Incentive Travel Program is for customers planning a trip with 10 or more people traveling as an incentive reward.

The program offers flexible name and ticketing deadlines as well as competitive pricing to most popular destinations. Many destinations are enhanced by cooperation with multiple Star Alliance partners.

  • Enjoy wine tasting in Tuscany or Bordeaux
  • Shop in Paris for the newest fashions
  • Visit the pyramids and take a ride down the Nile
  • Fly to all the wonders of the world with Lufthansa

All this and more

Lufthansa employee with customerSince we offer multiple flights from several gateways, we recommend you check with your Lufthansa Incentive representative for availability.

Feel free to talk to our group department about advanced seating, special meal requests or any other particular needs your group might have.

If you have a lower competitive fare offer from a major carrier that you would like us to consider, or need a quote from a U.S. interior point or a destination not available online, simply contact us.


Contact us

If you would like information about our program or have questions about your existing meetings reservation, please complete below request form or call your Lufthansa Incentive representative directly.

Incentive travel request form or call 1-866-275-0209

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