The following conditions apply to all group bookings made with Lufthansa and are subject to change at any time without notice.


Minimum group size

10 passengers traveling together round-trip from a single origin to a single destination.



At least 50% of the group names are due no later than 65 days prior to departure, and all names are due 35 days prior to departure.


Name changes

Once ticketed, a name change can only be done by Lufthansa. Fees may apply.


Waitlisted Space

All group space is subject to availability in the necessary booking class. We recommend that a protection flight is booked in case the waitlisted flight does not become confirmed.



The group must be ticketed 30 days prior to departure. If a group is booked within 30 days of departure, tickets must be issued immediately.



Deviations of up to 30% of the overall group size are permitted on either outbound or inbound sector. Deviations are subject to availability and may not have the same price as the original group booking. US domestic feeders do not count towards deviation count provided the group travels together on the transatlantic segment but are subject to a price re-evaluation and availability.


Non-refundable deposit

Business Class, equipment change request and special events will require a minimum deposit of 15% of the fare.


Standard deposit

Is required two weeks after full or partial confirmation of the group space. The deposit also acts as a fare guarantee. Deposits do not guarantee confirmation of any waitlisted space only confirmed space.


Cancellation Policy

  • Seats may be cancelled 91 days or more prior to departure.
  • Seats cancelled after this date may incur a penalty.

Musical Instruments/Bulky Baggage

The fare offer is subject to change if the transportation of any type of excess baggage is required. Instrument Information should be advised 90 days before departure.


Check In

Individual passengers may check in online 23 hours prior to departure.

Contact us

For U.S. Groups, please contact us.


For U.S. Group questions and information, please refer to FAQs.

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