Doha, Qatar


How Lufthansa serves Doha

  • Doha became Lufthansa's ninth destination on the Arabian Peninsula, joining Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Damman, Jeddah, and Sanaa in the Lufthansa network.
  • The addition of Doha follows the Lufthansa strategic focus of connecting the most important worldwide oil and energy markets.
  • Lufthansa serves the destination with the latest Airbus aircraft in our intercontinental fleet.
  • Our schedule is perfectly timed for connection to and from major North American energy cities. For schedule information please contact your travel agent or the Energy Support Desk .

Some facts about Doha

Doha in Qatar - a new destination to the Arabian Peninsula

The development of Qatar's oil and natural gas revenues enable its citizens to enjoy one of the highest per capita income in the world. Oil accounts for more than 30% of GDP, roughly 80% of export earnings, and 58% of government revenues. Current economic performance is good with an annual growth of 8.5% and inflation of 2.3%.

Further information about Qatar.

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