In-flight entertainment for kids and teens



The holidays are here at last and you’re off abroad with your family! If only it didn’t take so long to get there. Well here at Lufthansa we’ve made it our business to ensure your journey with us is as much fun as possible. We want the flight itself to be one of your best and most exciting holiday experiences.


Entertainment for you:

On board you’ll find the time literally flies by — thanks to our cool programme of entertainment. Why not take a look now at our current in-flight entertainment programme.

  • Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel — whoever your favourite actor is, he or she will be on board with you, possibly in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. You can choose between movies, TV series and cartoons.
  • For all you young explorers and sports fans out there, the in-flight entertainment also includes sports news and exciting documentaries, made especially for you.
  • If you tune into Lufthansa Radio, you can listen to great playlists with the latest hits or you can lose yourself in one of our exciting audio books.
  • On a number of our long-haul aircraft (all the Airbus A380s and Boeing B747-8s, plus several of the Airbus A330s), you can see exactly what the pilot sees during take-off and landing: the aircraft’s external cameras bring you up close to the action from different angles.
  • If you are travelling in First or Business Class, you can also enjoy exciting computer games.


Fun and games on board

As well as our in-flight entertainment programme, there are even more great opportunities for keeping yourself occupied and entertained on board: jigsaws, cuddly toys, puzzle books, card games and kid’s magazines, such as the current issues of ‘Bravo Sport’, ‘Mädchen’ or ‘Mosaik’, will stop you getting bored.

Please ask one of the flight attendants for a logbook. You can use this to collect and keep details of all your flights and plenty of other exciting information from ‘the world of aviation’. When your logbook is full, we’ll give you a cool pilot’s certificate. You can find out more information about the logbook on the ‘My logbook’ page.

We also have our Miles & More Club, JetFriends, for children and teenagers. Here you’ll find lots of interesting facts related to flying, travel and Lufthansa — and club membership also gives you some great benefits. To find out more, visit the ‘JetFriends – Club for Kids & Teens’ page.

If you are travelling in First or Business Class on a long-haul flight from Germany, you’ll receive a JetFriends Amenity Kit in the shape of a pilot’s bag. This is full of great things like children’s toothbrushes, ear plugs, slipper socks and toys.


The food is great too...

…because it has been created especially for kids and teenagers like you. For more info about all the delicious treats that will land on your plate, go to our ‘Children’s menus on board’ page.


And here’s one more tip:

Flying is great fun with Lufthansa, we promise you that, but we are also very concerned about your safety. If you are still under 7 years old, then simply take your car booster seat and use it to sit in it on the plane – then you’ll be able to see out of the window more easily too! If you’re over 7 and /or weigh more than 18 kg, you simply need to fasten your seatbelt securely in an ordinary seat and your experience with Lufthansa can start straight away.

We hope you have lots of fun on your Lufthansa flight!


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