(New Delhi) Indira Gandhi International Airport
New Delhi 110 037, India
Telefon: (011) 2566 1000 (Terminal 1) or (011) 2560 2000 (Terminal 2).


Important information for passengers with an onward flight within India

Travellers who arrive in India on an intercontinental flight and who have booked an onward flight within India must collect their bags during the stopover from baggage reclaim, take them through customs and check them in again. This regulation applies to all airlines and must also be adhered to when, according to the ticket, the baggage has been checked straight through to the passenger’s destination airport.



Terminalplan DelhiThe airport is located 23km (14 miles) south of New Delhi.


How to get there

The airport is signposted from the city centre.

Information about parking possibilities at the (New Delhi) Indira Gandhi International Airport


Access by public transport

Buses run from the Arrivals area of Terminal 2 to central Delhi via Terminal 1 24 hours a day (journey time: 50 minutes). A railway reservations desk is located in the Arrivals area of Terminal 2 for passengers wanting to connect with the railway.

An air-conditioned coach service is available; bookings and information are available in the Arrivals hall of Terminal 2.

Delhi Traffic Police pre-paid taxi booths, located in the Arrivals areas of both terminals, issue vouchers for travel to the city; travellers should retain the receipt until reaching the desired destination and then hand it to the driver. Metered taxis and auto rickshaws are also available.

The Airport Express runs from Dwarka Sector 21 to New Delhi Railway Station via airport Terminal 3 every 20 minutes.


Information desk

There are information counters in all terminals. An Airport Manager Office is located at both terminals for 24 hour information and assistance.

Airport News:
After the completion of Terminal 3 in 2010, two more terminals and runways are planned as airport authorities are expecting a capacity of 100 million passengers a year by 2026.


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