(Mumbai) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Mumbai 400 099, India
Telefon: (022) 2626 4000 (domestic terminal) or 2681 3000 (international terminal)


Important information for passengers with an onward flight within India

Travellers who arrive in India on an intercontinental flight and who have booked an onward flight within India must collect their bags during the stopover from baggage reclaim, take them through customs and check them in again. This regulation applies to all airlines and must also be adhered to when, according to the ticket, the baggage has been checked straight through to the passenger’s destination airport.



Terminalplan Mumbai/BombayThe airport terminals are located 26-30km (16-19 miles) north of Mumbai.


Access by public transport

A railway reservation counter is situated in Terminal 2, for connections to the metro rail system; trains run to the nearby airport Mumbai CST Terminus (formerly known as the Victoria Terminus) and Churchgate for connections to Mumbai and destinations throughout India.

A city bus service to Mumbai and a pre-paid coach service to destinations in the southern states are available. Intercity coach services can be booked in the Arrivals areas of Terminal 2.

Pre-paid taxis, metered taxis and motor rickshaws are available at the airport (journey time to the city centre - 90-180 minutes).


Information desk

A meet and greet counter is located in Terminal 1B. There are also tourist information counters.

Airport News:
There are plans to extend the proposed new Mumbai metro line out to the airport.


Further travel information