Rail&Fly – in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

Rail&Fly enables you to have a stress-free and reasonably-priced journey by rail throughout Germany to catch your international Lufthansa flight.

Benefits and terms and conditions
  • The Rail&Fly ticket is valid on the day of the flight itself as well as a day before departure and a day after your return to Germany.
  • You have a free choice of trains — the Rail&Fly ticket is not limited to specific trains.
  • Rail&Fly is valid on all Deutsche Bahn trains (and IC/EC [InterCity/EuroCity], ICE [Intercity Express] trains too). There is an additional charge for City Night Line/night trains and for the ICE Sprinter; a reservation is also required.
  • The Rail&Fly ticket is only valid in conjunction with an international Lufthansa airline ticket.
  • If an airport cannot be reached directly by Deutsche Bahn, the Rail&Fly ticket also enables you to use regional public transport.
  • A Rail&Fly ticket is non-refundable.
  • Rail&Fly tickets cannot be purchased in connection with flights to/from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna or Zurich.
  • Rail&Fly tickets are not valid for the Thalys, the high speed train on the Paris–Brussels–Cologne–Amsterdam route, on the DB-Autozug (motorail), on special trains and within linked transport systems.

As delays can never quite be ruled out with public transport, you should choose a connection that ensures you can get to your departure airport in good time. Lufthansa accepts no liability for you not catching your flight due to the delayed arrival of public transport.

Travel anywhere in Germany by train from 29 euros

A Rail&Fly ticket in 2nd class costs 29 euros (one way), in 1st class 49 euros (one way).

Children under 2 years of age travel free of charge. Children under 12 years of age receive a 25% fare reduction. Children may not travel alone on Rail&Fly services.

Rail&Fly tickets can be booked online at the same time as your flight on lufthansa.com

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