Travelling has never been so easy. Whether you are travelling alone,
with your family, with lots of luggage or on a long-haul route, with
Lufthansa eFly Services you can check in conveniently wherever it suits
you best. One click is all it takes and you will receive your boarding
pass before you know it: at the airport check-in machine, online to
print out or on your mobile phone. And you can simply hand in your
luggage at one of the Lufthansa baggage drop-off counters on the way to
your flight. You therefore save valuable time and can relax properly
before departure. Why not see for yourself now by viewing the Lufthansa check-in demo?

The check-in machine

Check in at the airport: simply follow the on-screen instructions and print out your boarding pass.


Save time: check in at home or at the office and print out or receive your boarding pass.


Most convenient: check in en route, have your boarding pass sent to you, and much more besides.

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