Media Onboard

Did you know?

  • Effective from 1 September 2008, BAA has a maximum allowance of 10 pieces of excess baggage per customer. Passengers travelling with a lot of equipment, tools or samples, may need an alternative.
  • Media Onboard was used by the Olympic Council of Ireland, to get their athletes equipment over to Beijing for the Olympics this month, using the Dublin Lufthansa service for their squad. As well as News crews.

Media Onboard is a specialist Excess Baggage Service, available to passengers who travel with the 'tools of their trade'.

Lufthansa has created this innovative service to help key industries save money on their Excess Baggage. Designed originally to help TV, News and Film crews travel with their kit, the service has grown to be an industry standard for anybody traveling with equipment. From Orchestras to Sports Teams, News Crews to Event Organisers, every day professional travelers benefit from the Media Onboard service!

  • Huge Excess Baggage Discounts... all Media Onboard passengers enjoy up to 70% savings on their Excess Baggage.
  • VIP Airport Treatment... the Media Onboard expert 'meet and greet' team offer you dedicated check-in and on-site airport assistance.
  • Added Security... I-Trak is an advanced, airline integrated tracking system giving every piece of baggage it's own unique identity code, ensuring you additional peace of mind.
  • 32kg weight limit solution... if you have a piece that is over the BAA 32kg weight limit, don't worry, we have the answer.
  • Expert Advice... Media Onboard are experts within this specialist field. Whatever you need to know, they will have the answer, Carnet information, custom documentation and much more.
  • Across the UK... Media Onboard is now available from all the major UK airports.
  • The service is available on the following selected airlines: Lufthansa, Austrian, United, Swiss and Air Canada.

How does it work?

  • You must be booked on a Lufthansa flight.
  • Visit: and click 'Book Now'.
  • Media Onboard will e-mail you confirmation and arrange their meet and greet service.
  • You will be met at the airport and a round trip voucher will be issued pre paying your Excess Baggage.