Lufthansa starts operation from new terminal D in airport Boryspil



As of October 28, 2012 all Lufthansa flights to/from Kiev have been transferred to the new Terminal D Boryspil Airport.
The new building aside from the airport is of 107,000 square meters, thus becoming the biggest in Ukraine. The new apron of 183,000 square meters can serve and park about 25 aircrafts. The departure hall of 870 meter-long is equipped with moving walkways of different length for the first time in Ukraine.
Check-in area, customs, security control and the departure gallery situated on the third floor of the Terminal D. On the second and first floor is customs and passport control for arrived passengers.
For transit passengers, a shuttle bus service provided between all terminals every 3 minutes during the day time, and every 10 min. during the night time.

More advantages for you:

  • much more space in the departure and arrival area;
  • fixed Lufthansa check-in counters Nr. 25-29 for Lufthansa flights, airport check-in machines for self check-in;
  • comfortable lounge for Business Class passengers, SEN and HON members;
  • extended range of security control passes;
  • 28 pass ways for passport control;
  • plenty of snack bars and cafés in the departure lounge;
  • baggage handling system with five levels of security monitoring which able to handle more than 3000 bags per hour.

In case of questions please don’t hesitate to contact our service Center 044 4903800 (24h) or by mail