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Nice going globetrotter! You seem to be well-travelled already - and here we go again: You now have a discount on a trip for you and a friend to any of Lufthansa’s many destinations worldwide. Just book here below – then ejoy your flight!

Simply type in below where you would like to take off and where you want to land. Also add your desired travel dates - remember they must stay within the travel period stated on your ticket in Anywake. Continue to choose your flights etc. and in step 3 (payment) you will see a field in which can add your code, do so then press "Apply voucher and reduce fare" and you will see your discount calculated off the price.
We are happy you are using Anywake – and thank you for wanting to fly with us! We look forward to having you onboard!


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Terms of Use for Lufthansa voucher from Anywake

The values of the discounts are subject to change in the future.

The voucher can only be redeemed at The voucher is not valid in conjunction with any "Access Code" used to purchase already discounted fares.

The voucher is intended for personal use only. Its resale or any other transfer to a third party is prohibited. In the event of a contravention, Lufthansa, or a third party authorized by Lufthansa, reserves the right to refuse to redeem the voucher.

Vouchers are only valid for itineraries where all flights are operated by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Regional Partner (incl. Lufthansa City Line and Eurowings).

A voucher can be redeemed until the date that is stated on the voucher under “Tickets” in your Anywake app.

Travel must be during the period stated on the voucher under “Tickets” in your Anywake app.

Only one voucher can be used for each booking process.

The voucher reduces the tariff value of the ticket and cannot be used for fees, taxes, charges or other supplements.

If the tariff value of the ticket is less than the value of the voucher, the residual amount can be deducted from the tariff value of other tickets bought in the same booking process.

If the value of the voucher exceeds the total tariff value of all the tickets in a booking process, the residual amount cannot be redeemed in a further booking process.

The voucher is only valid for flights departing in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg) and to the destination to which you have a voucher.

If a ticket for which a voucher was redeemed is reimbursed, only the reduced tariff value of the ticket – depending on the tariff terms and conditions attached to the ticket – is reimbursed.

Vouchers and any residual values resulting from their use cannot be paID in cash.

If the value of a ticket bought with a voucher is used as a down payment for a higher-priced ticket (e.g. towards a higher tariff), only the reduced value of the ticket is put towards the value of the new ticket

Certain tariffs may be excluded from the use of vouchers.

Vouchers may only be used for flight tickets, not for rebooking charges (MCOs) or excess baggage tickets

The passenger receipt, which serves as an invoice for flight tickets, only shows the reduced ticket price.

Lufthansa reserves the right to cancel a voucher at any time. Limit per promotion is one voucher per person. Lufthansa reserves the right to cancel the booking when the same passenger uses several vouchers.


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