Doctors on board

With your participation in our initiative ‘Doctors on board’, you can help us if medical assistance is required during your flight.

When you register, your name and your field of expertise are stored with Miles & More so that the flight attendants can approach you in a medical emergency. If several doctors are on board at the same time, a medical consult of various medical specialities is possible.

To thank you for your registration we will give you 5,000 award miles for your first Lufthansa flight as a ‘doctor on board’ and a copy of the ‘Handbook of Aviation Medicine and Inflight Medical Emergencies’.

Liability and insurance

Your legal situation as the treating doctor on board is safeguarded: you are covered personally, under a third-party insurance that Lufthansa German Airlines has taken out for such cases, against possible claims to recourse by the passenger you have treated. Intent is of course excluded. This disclaimer of liability applies to doctors and skilled lay assistants.

Your registration for the doctors’ programme
  • If you are not yet a Miles & More member, please register for this first. You will immediately receive your Miles & More card number, which you can then enter in your registration form. To Miles & More registration
  • Next, please register for our doctors’ programme.
  • Download the form and print it out: Registration for the doctors’ programme (PDF, 1.252 kB)
  • Fax the form back to us along with a copy of your licence to practise medicine or your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).
  • When you book flights in future simply give your Miles & More card number as usual. We shall then know that we can rely on your medical support on board.

If you do have any questions please contact us by calling:
+49 69 - 669 669 94 (Mo-Sa from 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

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