Culture and events


The Oktoberfest in Munich is legendary and world-famous. After the festival is opened with the traditional cry of "O'zapft is" (the barrel is tapped) from mid-September to the beginning of October, the event reigns over the state of affairs. However, Germany offers a multitude of top events which are certainly suitable within the scope of your next holidays, conference or meeting.
How would it be, for example, with a Formula 1 Race at the Hockenheimring or with a visit to the "Rhine in Flames - Festival", which takes place in May every year. Or Berlinale - International film festival in Germany's capital? Every year this huge two-week event attracts over 16,000 visitors from all over the world to Berlin. Among them are famous producers and cinema stars. With around 350 films covering all genres, lengths and formats, the Berlinale boasts an eclectic program that includes countless European and world premières.
And last but not least one has to experience the legendary Carnival in Cologne.
Almost every German city organizes a so-called long night of museums or a festival of classical or pop music once a year. A huge variety of events is offered all year around throughout the country.

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