The exclusive wine selection in Lufthansa First Class


Passengers in Lufthansa First Class have long appreciated the fine wines served on board. They can choose from a wine list of four red and four white wines that will change monthly.


Whenever the selection of wines allows it, we will be serving one red and one white wine that are a little bit out of the ordinary under the slogan ‘off the beaten track’ alongside our fine wines from the classic wine-growing regions. These special discoveries may be quite unusual and from special varieties of grapes, but also first-class wines which are only produced in small quantities.

When it comes to selecting the wines, Lufthansa collaborates with one of the most well-known international experts, Markus Del Monego. He was the first and so far the only German Sommelier World Champion in 1998 and also holds the coveted title ‘Master of Wine’. Together with other wine experts, he carries out blind tastings as many as 12 times a year in order to find fine wines, which will satisfy the most discerning palates, even under the conditions on board an aircraft. In doing so, he places as much importance on the wishes and preferences of our passengers as on the latest trends in wine.

It's not only wine connoisseurs and wine lovers among our passengers who should be delighted by this new selection – every First Class passenger will have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy wines with special character. The flight attendants will not only offer a recommendation with the menu, but will also gladly help passengers choose their wine by letting them sample some.

This extraordinary First Class wine selection makes every flight an even more enjoyable experience.


Our wine list

Here you’ll find details of our current red and white wines.

Our exclusive wine selection in the month of July

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