Excess baggage rules and charges

Below you will find an overview of excess baggage regulations and the flat fees for excess baggage:

For tickets issued with effect from 15 July 2013 (PDF)

For tickets issued from 15 January 2013 (PDF)

For tickets issued from 1 June 2012 (PDF)

You‘ll find information about your free baggage allowance on the following page.


MSC (Most Significant Carrier) rule effective since 1 April 2011

Effective since 1 April 2011: these prices apply to the leg of the journey you have been checked in for, if you are flying the first leg of your journey with Lufthansa. For other airlines the calculation may be done according to the relevant airline’s rules.

If Lufthansa operates the geographically longest or most significant stretch of the journey, then the rules and charges effective from 1 June 2011 will apply.

Please note the free baggage allowance shown on your ticket.


Sport and special baggage for tickets issued from 1 June 2012

We want you to be able to continue your sports activities even when you are travelling. For this reason, Lufthansa offers special excess baggage rates for sports baggage (including bikes).* Please note that you need to register sports baggage under the reservation hotline preferably within 24 hours after you have made your booking. Because of limited capacities and different regulations with partner airlines, we cannot definitely guarantee for your booking that special or excess baggage will be accepted.

In general, sporting equipment is treated like any other baggage. Thus, sporting equipment is included in the Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) if the respective limitations are not exceeded.

Here you can learn step by step which sport baggage allowances applies to you:

(1) Is the sporting equipment included in the individual FBA (with respect to number and weight)?

The sporting equipment is transported free of charge within the respective FBA
NoPlease refer to Number 2

(2) Is the sports equipment in question within the maximum weight restrictions of 32 kg** per piece and included in the list of sports baggage shown below?

Sport baggage and charges (PDF)

YesPlease call the reservation hotline for registration of your sport baggage and apply the respective charge at the Lufthansa counter at the airport.
NoPlease refer to Number 3

(3) Any sporting equipment not contained in the list is treated as normal excess baggage with the respective charges of normal excess baggage.***

* Please note that, where applicable, country-specific surcharges for sports baggage and excess baggage will be levied.
** For tickets issued since 15.07.2013
*** Or as cargo with the relevant charges for cargo transports, if the excess and special baggage exceeds 32 kg per piece.


Other special baggage

Special fees and conditions apply to the transport of musical instruments, bulky baggage items and other special baggage. Please obtain information in good time from your local Lufthansa Service Team. Please note that ebikes or electric bikes are not allowed on flights operated by Lufthansa.


Please make sure that you arrive at the airport with your bulky luggage in good time prior to departure. In Frankfurt you should be at check-in at least one hour before departure.


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