“We fly together through thick and thin!” – an exclusive interview with Lu and Cosmo

The two comical cranes spend a lot of time travelling and right now they’re in Spain. The Insight editorial team visited the two Lufthansa mascots and had an exclusive conversation with them.
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Friendship at first sight

This is how Lu & Cosmo got to know each other:

Lu regularly visits his family in north-east Germany in the spring. Lu’s parents and many crane pairs have their breeding ground on the Baltic island of Rügen. As always, when Lu is at home, after a big welcome he is immediately roped in to help. This time he helps his parents by ‘egg-sitting’. He is sitting on the edge of the nest when an egg rolls past quite close by. Lu immediately heaves it into the nest. Who can it possibly belong to? Suddenly it cracks open. Lu and the chick look at each other – it is friendship at first sight. From now on the chick will accompany the travel-mad Lu everywhere and so is a true cosmopolitan – and that’s why Lu christened him Cosmo.

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