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We have compiled several frequently asked questions and our answers regarding "Baggage" on this page.

What I should take along on my journey
In a quiet moment write down your own personal check list that you can go through whenever you pack for your next trip. We recommend a check list for every type of journey you do regularly: Business trips, long distance flights, short breaks etc.
How much baggage am I allowed to take free of charge?
Lufthansa transports a certain amount of checked in baggage (free baggage allowance) and hand baggage free of charge. These amounts may vary depending on the route, booking class, Miles & More status etc. You will find more back-ground information on our Free baggage allowance and Carry-on baggage pages.
What happens with excess baggage or special baggage
If you exceed the free baggage allowance or if you take along particularly bulky or damageable baggage (bicycles, surf and snowboards, skis, large musical instruments, wardrobe trunks etc.) you may have to pay an additional fee and register your baggage with us prior to your departure. Please check on our page Excess and special baggage.
What do I need to think about if I want to take a bicycle with me?If you want to take a bicycle with you on Lufthansa flights, please note the following advice: the bicycle does not have to be packaged; handlebars and pedals do not need to be turned or dismantled; nor does the air need to be taken out of the tyres. Unfortunately, electric bicycles cannot be carried on aircraft. Please register your bicycle with us by calling +49 (0)69 - 86 799 799, preferably when booking your flight, so that we can check whether there is sufficient capacity for you to take it on board and you can receive information about differing regulations with partner airlines.

Information about the charges, making a reservation and other details can be found here.
What may I take on board as carry-on baggage?
Not only the amount but also the contents of your carry-on baggage has to comply with our regulations. Certain things may not by carried in your hand baggage. Further information you may find on our pages regarding Hand baggage and Dangerous goods.
How do I transport valuable goods?
All valuables such as your laptop, mobile phone, PDA, documents, identity papers, jewellery etc., should be carried in your Hand baggage.

Please note that we will carry items of baggage that exceed the permitted limits for hand luggage in the cargo hold, as the stowage space in the cabin is limited. In this case please remove all valuables and any medicines from your hand luggage.
Is there anything to look out for when transporting medication?
We have compiled Recommendations for the transport of medications for you.
May I take animals on board?You may only take animals on board under certain conditions. Therefore please check our Regulations and recommendations for the transport of animals.
Which items may not be taken on board?Before driving to the airport please make sure that you have not packed any dangerous goods. You find a check list on our page on Dangerous goods.

Please check with your local customs which items you may export from your place of departure and import into the country you are flying to.
Find out in particular about the regulations on importing diary, meat and animal products.
What do I have to consider when flying to the USA?On flights to the USA, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) may break open suspicious, locked baggage to check its contents. There are special locks available that can only be opened without destroying them by you and TSA staff.

TSA baggage information (, in English)
How should I mark my baggage?A clearly visible baggage tag or sticker - with your name and, at the very least, your telephone number (ideally your mobile number) on it - should be attached to each piece of baggage that you are checking in. Suitable tags and stickers can be obtained at the check-in counters free of charge.
We also recommend that you put a tag or sticker with your name on it inside each bag that you are checking in. You can print out the following baggage ID card for this purpose.
Please remove all tags from previous journeys as they can easily lead to baggage being misdirected.
To avoid mix-ups you should mark each item of baggage uniquely with, for example, an eye-catching sticker, a striking colour, a special belt, etc.
What is the latest time to check in my baggage?Information on check-in deadlines at local airports, including deadlines for checking in baggage, can be found here.
What should I do if my baggage is lost?Please report the loss of your baggage immediately at the appropriate counter. If you do not report the loss until later, you will need to prove it retrospectively, which is clearly more complicated. You will find detailed information on this subject on our page Lost or damaged baggage.

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