On this page we have summarised the special baggage regulations for your AIRail journey. You will find general information about taking baggage on Lufthansa flights here.


Storing baggage

On AIRail ICE trains the general luggage compartments are available to you. These are located above and under your seat. On the Cologne-Frankfurt route additional storage compartments are also available.


Special baggage on AIRail routes

Special baggage includes any type of baggage which differs from the general free baggage allowance regulations. These include:


You can, of course, also take special baggage with you on AIRail routes. You must ensure that you can carry your baggage yourself and that it will fit into the available luggage compartments.

Please also note that bulky or sports baggage and animals cannot be checked in at the AIRail terminal in Frankfurt. Please therefore hand this type of baggage in at counters 445/446 in Departure Hall B.

Advice on carrying sports baggage and animals on AIRail:
- surf boards cannot be transported on AIRail
- only dogs and cats can be carried on AIRail trains.

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