Healthy travel

So that our passengers can enjoy the experience of flying without worry, we have put together some helpful advice.

For passengers with health problems and pregnant women we provide information about possible precautionary measures which must be met:

Passengers with respiratory problems
Passengers with heart pacemakers

Advice on taking medicines with you

Due to time differences, problems can arise with taking medicines regularly. If you must take medication at regular intervals, we recommend that you consult a doctor before a flight across one or several time zones.

We have compiled some important advice for people affected by diabetes mellitus.

Advice for passengers suffering from diabetes mellitus

Medications in hand luggage

Medications packaging should be proof against knocks and shocks and the medications you need should, if possible, be divided among several items of hand luggage. It is advisable to take in your hand luggage about one and a half to two times the amount of medication you expect to need because on rare occasions flights can sometimes be diverted or their departure delayed for a longer time — even if you are already sitting in the aircraft.

Passing through Customs with medications

If you have medications or syringes in your hand luggage, it is advisable to have a doctor's certificate with you that confirms that this is medical material for your personal needs.

Loss of medications

Just in case you lose your medications during your journey or in the destination country, you should ask your doctor to provide you with a summary of your blood group and other important personal health data, as well as the dosage of the medications and their generic names (no longer patent-protected, international non-proprietary name of medications). You should also have with you the documents you need for treatment or issuing of prescriptions in a foreign country. You can find out about these from your doctor or your medical insurance company.

Lufthansa panel doctors

Lufthansa has selected contracted doctors at all its destinations throughout the world whose duties include taking care of Lufthansa personnel locally as well as any crew members who become ill. Generally these doctors speak German and English. In case you fall ill at your destination and require a doctor, we are providing you with a list of contact details for the Lufthansa panel doctors here.

Please note that Lufthansa accepts no responsibility for the treatment nor will it bear the cost of any treatment.

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