Germanwings, a Lufthansa Group airline, has gradually been preparing for take-off on Lufthansa’s routes in Germany and Europe; exceptions are the Frankfurt and Munich hubs. This is so that the most extensive European route network will still be available to you in the future. Germanwings has now launched a completely new service offer for you: simply choose the level of comfort that suits you best — whilst always enjoying outstanding value for money when you fly.


Enjoy ‘à-la-carte flying’

The ‘new Germanwings’ gives you the choice between especially low prices, selected services and all-inclusive comfort. With the BASIC fare package you can purchase services for an additional charge if you wish; the SMART fare package already includes seat reservation and an in-flight snack, among other benefits, and the BEST fare package gives you numerous inclusive comforts.
Currently the BEST fare package is available on domestic German routes as well as for Germanwings flights to and from Basel, Birmingham, Brussels, Geneva, London, Manchester, Moscow, Nice, Paris, Vienna and Zurich.



Your Miles & More status privileges

On Germanwings, as a Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member, you will also be able to enjoy numerous extras; however, these are not identical to those which you receive on Lufthansa flights.



The route changeover schedule

Flights to and from Stuttgart and to and from Cologne, as well as some of the routes to and from Hamburg, are already being operated by Germanwings. All other flights to and from Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf will gradually be transferred to Germanwings by the end of 2015.
Lufthansa will continue to operate flights to and from Frankfurt and to and from Munich; exceptions are long-haul flights and flights from Munich to Paderborn and vice versa.

The latest summary of the route changeover


Your booking in the transitional phase

If you have already booked flights with Lufthansa that will be operated by Germanwings under the new schedule, you will be automatically rebooked on Germanwings. You will be notified of the rebooking by e-mail or by your travel agent and can then conveniently check-in for your flight online via

If you hold a Business Class ticket you will be rebooked onto the Germanwings BEST fare package.* Economy Class tickets will be rebooked onto the SMART fare package. On request, passengers can also be transferred to Lufthansa connecting flights or to an alternative Lufthansa direct flight from another domestic German departure airport.

Passengers may also obtain a full refund for their ticket. With a refund, if there is a subsequent new booking, the price may be cheaper or dearer than the original Lufthansa fare depending upon seat availability on the actual day.

* if available on the route booked



For your Germanwings flights you can check in online via, by mobile phone or at the Germanwings airport counter.

Special rules apply to journeys combining Lufthansa and Germanwings flights:

Check-in options for combined bookings at a glance



How big will the new Germanwings be?
The new Germanwings will operate 110 routes with about 90 aircraft. By the end of 2014, it will have a pure Airbus fleet, plus Eurowings’ Bombardier CRJ900 fleet at its disposal, which also will be operating flights for Germanwings.

How big will the Lufthansa medium-haul fleet be?
Lufthansa has about 320 aircraft at Frankfurt and Munich airport. The medium-haul fleet will consist entirely of the Airbus A320 fleet by Winter 2013/2014 at the latest.

Are there alterations to the timetable?
Currently not. To begin with, the new Germanwings will completely take over the existing Lufthansa and Germanwings flights in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart and Berlin. Several Lufthansa routes to and from Hamburg are already being operated by Germanwings, with all other routes following by the end of January 2014. Flights from and to Berlin will gradually be transferred to Germanwings from the beginning of November 2013 to the end of March 2014. Finally, Dusseldorf will follow from the end of March 2014 to December 2015.

Which services does the new Germanwings offer the customer?
The BASIC fare package, from 33 euros for a one-way flight, is aimed at passengers who are flying on a budget. If they wish, they can book certain extra services for an additional charge.
The SMART fare package, from 53 euros for a one-way flight, already comes with a number of inclusive services. These include a free baggage allowance of one bag up to 23 kg, a complimentary snack and beverage and – if available – a choice of seat with a very generous seat pitch from row 4.
The BEST fare package, from 149 euros for a one-way flight, is tailored to those more discerning passengers who wish to travel in greater comfort. Numerous services are included: passengers can take two pieces of baggage weighing up to 23 kg apiece, have access to the lounges, enjoy priority check-in and enjoy preferential treatment at the security checkpoint and when boarding at selected destinations. On board, passengers have a seat of their choice with a very generous seat pitch in rows 1 to 3, with the middle seat in the row kept free; a dedicated hand-luggage compartment and a selection of food and beverages from the à-la-carte menu.

On which routes is the BEST fare package available?
To begin with, the BEST fare package will be available on domestic German routes and on flights to and from Basel, Birmingham, Brussels, Geneva, London, Manchester, Moscow, Nice, Paris, Vienna and Zurich.

Which service is provided on board?
In rows 1 to 10, Germanwings offers its customers a very generous seat pitch.
Snacks and beverages can be chosen from the Sky Bistro and Shop card and from a monthly menu, which, among other fresh seasonal products, offers special snacks prepared with regional ingredients. The catering offered on board depends on the service package booked:
- The complete range of snacks and drinks is available for purchase to customers who have booked the BASIC fare.
- The SMART fare package includes a snack box, mineral water and a non-alcoholic drink of your choice; further snacks and beverages from the entire range offered can be purchased.
- Customers who have booked the BEST fare package can freely choose from the snacks and drinks on the on-board menu.

Can Miles & More members retain their status with Germanwings?
Yes. Status miles and HON Circle miles are awarded when booking a BEST fare. Germanwings customers can qualify for FTL, SEN and HON status.

What is the situation regarding lounge access for Germanwings’ passengers?
Free access to lounges depends on the service package booked or the status of the passenger. Lounge access cannot be added to the SMART and BASIC fare packages, whereas the BEST fare package already includes free lounge access for all passengers. Free access to lounges is also available to Frequent Travellers who have booked the SMART fare package and to Senators and HON Circle Members, irrespective of the service package booked.

How do I obtain access to lounges?
Simply show your boarding pass if you have booked the BEST fare package. Frequent Travellers, Senators or HON Circle Members should additionally have their Miles & More Card readily available.

Is there a security fast lane at every destination?
Fast lanes can be used by HON Circle Members, Senators and passengers who have booked the BEST fare; however, this service is not available at all destinations.

Will there only be Germanwings counters at airports?
No. There will continue to be check-in counters for both airlines at all airports at which Lufthansa and Germanwings flights are offered.
- To check in, customers who have booked a flight operated by Lufthansa should go to the Lufthansa counter. Customers who have booked a flight operated by Germanwings will check in at the Germanwings counter.
- Germanwings passengers whose bookings have been made via an electronic reservation system (e.g. at a travel agency) can also be served at Lufthansa ticket counters.
- Passengers who have booked a flight via are served at the Germanwings counter.

How can I change a flexible Germanwings booking?
- If the booking has been made via, by mobile device or via the Germanwings Call Centre, rebookings can be made via these channels.
- For bookings made via flights can be rebooked via the website or by contacting either the Lufthansa or Germanwings Call Centre.
- Travel agency bookings can be changed by contacting the respective agency or the Germanwings Call Centre.

Can I continue using iPhone and Android apps for bookings and check-in?
Yes. Updates concerning functions like booking, check-in and information on the flight schedule are still available.

If the route booked includes connecting flights operated by other airlines, will it be sufficient to check in once?
Yes. If you transfer from a Germanwings flight to a flight operated by a different airline, you have to check in once only ― via, by using mobile services, at the check-in machine or the Germanwings counter.

Who should I contact if I have a complaint?
Customers’ complaints are handled by the Germanwings Call Centre. They are available from 6 a.m. to midnight CET under the number 0180 6 320 320 (€0.20 per call from a Deutsche Telekom landline; mobile charges will be max. €0.60 per call). Customers who have booked via or a travel agent should contact their travel agency or the Lufthansa Service Centre if they have a complaint.