As a result of the worldwide introduction of the piece concept, as well as new rules for the free baggage allowance for tickets issued from 1 June 2011 , the rules for excess baggage have changed.

A service charge of €10 is applicable to all excess and special baggage tickets issued in Malta.


Excess baggage rules and charges effective from 1 June 2011

The excess baggage rules have been simplified for tickets issued from 1 June 2011. The previous classification into eight geographic zones and two different charging concepts is now replaced by charging according to the piece concept. There is a difference between charges for flights within Europe and intercontinental flights. The respective charges for excess baggage in both these zones can be found in the PDFs on this page:

Charges effective from 1 June 2011
Flights within Europe or flights between third countries (PDF)
Intercontinental flights (PDF)

Sport and special baggage for tickets issued from 1 June 2011

We want you to be able to continue your sports activities even when you are travelling. For this reason, Lufthansa offers special excess baggage rates for sports baggage (including bikes). Please note that you need to register sports baggage under the reservation hotline preferably within 24 hours after you have made your booking. Because of limited capacities and different regulations with partner airlines, we cannot definitely guarantee for your booking that special or excess baggage will be accepted.

Sports baggage is divided into three categories: Small, Medium and Large. You will find the relevant rates and exceptions for the categories for both baggage options in the lists below. Any pieces of baggage that do not appear in the lists will be charged according to their weight and/or size for the corresponding category.

Sporting Equipment where the 'Piece Concept’ applies

Under the piece concept, sports baggage in the ‘small’ category is included within the free baggage allowance and will only be charged for if the number of bags exceeds the permitted number. Moreover, one additional bag of ski equipment is allowed in all classes (except on North Atlantic routes). All other sports equipment are subject to a charge.

We have summarized the charges for Small, Medium and Large pieces of luggage in a table that can be printed out as a PDF document.

To PDF for sports baggage

Weight categories

Small: up to 15 kg and/or 1.40 m
Medium: 15-32 kg and/or 1.41-2 m
Large: over 32 kg and/or over 2 m

Sports equipment that exceeds the standard dimensions for baggage or the weight of the free baggage allowance must not contain any other objects from your baggage. If it does, the normal excess baggage fee will be charged according to the zone or per item (see above).


More information about sport and special baggage

Ski/water ski equipmentOne ski equipment = One pair of skis or water skis or one snowboard + 1 pair of ski sticks + 1 pair of ski boots + 1 ski helmet.

If you are booking your flight online and would like to take your ski gear with you, then please call the reservations hotline after you have made your online booking. Please register your ski bag there under your booking code.

Note: this applies solely to Lufthansa flights and flights operated by LH Regional. If you are travelling with another airline, please contact your operating carrier directly.
Golf equipmentOne golf bag including golf clubs, balls and one pair of golf shoes.
SurfboardsSurfboards longer than 200 cm are classified as windsurfing boards.
Windsurfing boards and hang glidersThe maximum permissible weight for this equipment is 50 kg (109 lb). If this limit is exceeded the equipment must be sent as cargo. In this case please contact a Lufthansa Cargo office (in Malta: +356 - 21249341).
Diving equipmentDiving suit and jacket, mask, snorcel, fins, regulator, lamp (switched off, energy source separately packed, removed battery protected against short circuit), packed together in a bag plus one empty tankbottle.
Angling equipmentOne bait box, angler bag or basket, and one rod, bag or box.
Weapons and ammunitionWeapons used for sport or hunting must be declared and are then only charged for if they are transported in a separate weapons case. Small weapons, which are packed in checked baggage and which do not exceed the free baggage allowance, will not incur a charge.

Please note the Regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.
Other special baggageSpecial fees and conditions apply to the transport of musical instruments, bulky baggage items and other special baggage. Please obtain information in good time from your local Lufthansa Service Team.

Please make sure that you arrive at the airport with your bulky luggage in good time prior to departure. In Malta you should be at check-in at least one hour before departure.

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