The new Business Class service on short night flights



Our new, shortened night service will be offered on short intercontinental flights which depart after 20:00 hours and which have a duration of six to eight hours.


More time to rest thanks to optimized service procedures

First enjoy a delicious dinner with hot food and then be able to sleep longer — for many passengers this is simply ideal! That’s why, in future, after the aperitif service we will serve the appetiser at the same time as the main course.

In addition, valuable rest time will be gained by dispensing with in-flight sales from the trolley. Instead a flight assistant will approach passengers individually to ask whether they would like to purchase anything. The items they request will be brought to the passengers at their seats later, when other passengers are already asleep.

All in all, as a result of these measures, it will be possible to turn down the cabin lights earlier than before and to increase the time for sleeping significantly.

If passengers decide to sleep for even longer and to forgo their substantial breakfast, we will also continue to serve them a last-minute breakfast before landing.

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