There is a huge amount to discover at Germany’s largest airport, not least because the airport operator, Fraport, is continually extending and improving its services for you. Find out about the new services and current events at Frankfurt Airport.


'Fast Lanes' get passengers on time-critical departures through security more quickly

Did you know that if time is short for a connecting flight at Frankfurt Airport, you can take a short cut to your gate? In addition, the airport has set up so-called 'Fast Lanes' at the security checkpoints. Here passengers who have no more than 30 minutes to catch their connecting flight are given priority.

The 'Fast Lanes' system works very simply: display boards at the security checkpoints list the current flights for which passengers may use the short cut. Friendly airport staff are also on hand to help you to find your way.


250 women-only parking places in car parks P1, P5 and P8 ensure safety and short distances.

Parking rows reserved exclusively for women are to be found in the following car parks:

in Terminal 1 in car parks P1, P2, P3 and P5 (terminal parking charges apply) and in P4 (business parking charges apply)

in Terminal 2 there are women-only parking spaces in car park P8 (terminal parking charges apply).

To help drivers find their way, the entrances to the parking rows are coloured coded and clearly signposted at every access point.

You can book a parking space conveniently online at home before your journey. You can save as much as 50% or more with the ‘early-bird online tariff' in some car parks.


Modern Quiet Zones guarantee a relaxed wait between flights.

If you wish to spend the time before your flight relaxing in a quiet atmosphere, then the comfortable Waiting and Quiet Zones will be ideal for you.

Just stretch out and relax. If you are changing flights in Frankfurt, you will now find a Quiet Zone in the new Pier A-plus where you can feel really comfortable. A homely wooden floor, plants and warm light create a cosy lounge atmosphere. Put your feet up and relax on the new, comfortable reclining chairs. Even laptops and other electrical devices have not been forgotten: there are ample sockets for recharging batteries.
This pleasantly designed Quiet Zone is the third to be created at Frankfurt Airport. It’s equally relaxing to wait at gates B42/B43 in Terminal 1. In Terminal 2, opposite gates D1 to D4, there’s the opportunity for some time out before your flight departs. The new Quiet Zones are easy to find, but at the same time they are situated a little way apart from busy thoroughfares and crowds of passengers.


New in Frankfurt: monitors in the terminals show walking times to the departure gates.

How far is it to the gate? That is a question which makes many passengers nervous as their departure time approaches. Alongside current flight information and the departure gate, the new display boards in both terminals also list, in orange text, how long it will take to walk to the gate. One glance is enough for you to learn whether you need one or five minutes.

The display boards with walking times are directly behind the security and passport controls. Eight displays in total are being installed in Terminal 1. There are two in Pier A just past the Travel Value Shop and six more in the non-Schengen area of Pier B. In addition, there is another display board in the Terminal 2 Schengen area. As soon as a gate has been assigned to a particular flight, the time it takes to walk there is also displayed.


Faster departure in Frankfurt thanks to electronic assistance

New technologies at Frankfurt Airport save time and help passengers enjoy a more relaxed passage to their flight. Security is, of course, a priority and checks are mandatory, but they don’t have to take long. Much is automated today in Frankfurt. Online check-in, baggage check-in machines, boarding pass verification, automatic border control, boarding – Frankfurt Airport is a trendsetter.

You are probably very familiar by now with the check-in machines at the airport. However, you may not have encountered the new self-service baggage check-in kiosks; Lufthansa has installed these in Terminal 1 for its own passengers and those of its partner airlines. The kiosks scan the barcode on your boarding pass, request the number of items of baggage and print out the baggage labels for your cases. All you need to do is to attach the label, put your case on the conveyor belt and that’s it. Meanwhile, checking boarding passes before security and border controls has also become automatic in many places.
Less well known is the option of using an automated biometrics-supported border control (ABG) at Frankfurt Airport. Once registered, EU citizens and Swiss nationals can pass quickly through the entry and exit controls in an automated procedure. To do so, they use the so-called 'auto-control spur' which leads them past the border officials. To use this, you only need to have a machine-readable passport, which, after successful registration, is placed on a scanner at the auto-control spur.

Further information about ABG is available on the German federal police website.