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12-18 April only!

Book online and get KRW 70,000 gift card!

The gift card is provided by Samsung Card and has rechargeble function to top up the money.
This limited edition gift card has a special design of Lufthansa A380.

Terms and Conditions:

* Ticket must be purchased at Korea site only.
* Booking and ticketing period is 12-18 April, 2010.
* One gift card is for one Business or Economy class roundtrip ticket commencing from Korea to Europe.
* The eligible flights are LH713 or LH719 for outboud Korea and LH712 or LH718 for inbound Korea.
* This request form must be completed right after your online booking purchase.
* The gift card will be delivered to you by registered post within 30 April, 2010.
* If you cancel or refund the ticket after receiving the gift card, you must return the gift card to Lufthansa.
* Lufthansa is not responsible for delivery failure caused by over due or wrongly provided mailing information.

If you have read and accepted above terms and conditions, please send the form below.