Online booking & payment

Please be aware of the following conditions in prior to online booking.


Online Payment

We accept only credit cards for online booking.

When booking online, the total payment will be charged through international currency (USD, $). Please be aware of exchange rates and fees charged by credit card companies.

In any case, we suggest to fill in your Miles & More number in the booking form.

1. Please note that credit card companies may charge transaction fees for online booking. Please check with your credit card company directly.
2. Even though the fare was displayed in Korean Won (KRW), the amount will be considered as a transaction made in Germany. Therefore, you may incur currency conversion charges between Visa/Mastercard and your local credit card company.



1. I am getting error messages while booking online and I cannot proceed my booking. What shall I do?
- Error message after personal profile page: please simplify your mailing address.
- Error message after credit card info page: please check limit of your credit card.

2. How do I get my ticket after booking online?
- You will get etix® for your online booking. Instead of a paper ticket, we send you an etix® via e-mail giving your travel data, the fare price, and the taxes and fees. It also gives your reservation and ticket numbers. Please keep the receipt with you throughout your journey. If you purchased an etix® stored under a card number, this card will serve as your identification at check-in.
- Some of destinations are bookable only with paper tickets. (e.g. Verona) If you booked online for routes that need paper tickets, please contact our city office (+82-2-2019-0180).

3. I want to book for special fares but the booking engine does not show them but higher fares. How do I book for special fares?
- All special fares are subject to availability. If seats with promotional fares are full, the next fare will be available.

4. Why does not the fare that I agreed to pay on lufthansa homepage match with the amount that has been charged by credit card?
- It can be happened due to currency discrepancy. The total payment of online booking will be charged through USD ($). Please be aware that we, Lufthansa, do not either refund or charge on the currency discrepancy.